Monday, May 13, 2019

The Emergence of Globalization and the Marketing Mix Essay

The Emergence of Globalization and the merchandising Mix - Essay ExampleThe grocerying mix that is appropriate for all this multicultural world market for multinationals must converge to achieve the same goal of expanding the market while at the same quantify saving the firms cost of operation. Different regions or countries have a specific social framework and either trade strategy and the converse strategy need to conform to this multifariousness factor lest it realizes insignificant promotional material and product promotion. The cultural factors atomic number 18 closely attached to the economic policies of the specified regions, their religious beliefs, political ideologies and the take of economic development. An effective marketing communication plan needs to be designed to promote the range of mountains of the firm at the local level with a global view. It is therefore imperative that market explore is thoroughly carried out to develop a communication plan that is i n line with the demands of cultural diversity and political environment (Smith, Pulford, & Berry, 2009, pp.75). In reporting this subject a case study of two firms is grievous to bring out the real concept of integrated market communication strategy. Some examples of multinational companies include Coca-Cola, Toyota, Nokia Inc and others. These firms have central headquarters in a given country but their operations be decentralized in different regions like the Middle East, West Africa, North America, and Europe, East and Central Africa and umpteen other regions. In this report, Middle East market is to be compared with Europe such that appropriate marketing plans can be observed by the multinationals to capture a substantial market share finished the market (Bjerregaard, Lauring, Klitmoller, 2009, pp.55). One product that would serve best to be used for par is the Coca-Cola soft drinks which are consumed at international level. Comparing the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia wo uld provide the best results in foothold of the best-integrated marketing communication plans viable across two market environments. The choice of these two states is based on their cultural, taste, behavior and the general spending pattern differences across the consumer body. This would facilitate designing of a customer-focused marketing communication strategies for Coca-Cola Company and other multinational counterparts operating in the same product line like Pepsi (Egan, 2007, pp.134). To earn this comparison, the local cultural model of the two states need to be discussed and the prevailing marketing communication environments in each provided by the aid of graphs and charts. Some of the key marketing focal points that will provide comparison grounds comprise of the culture of the citizens of the two countries, their political system, consumer behavior, level of media activity and effectiveness and the overall ambition within each countrys local market.

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