Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Play Money Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Play Money - Research Paper ExampleIn the recent weeks, the shares belong to this party maintain been perk up with drops ranging amongst 0.1-0.5%. These drops look at not been affected by any company events in the past week. It is likely that the fall in stock shares is because many people are opting to hold the shares. Analysts have projected that some shares like those ones belonging to Bank of America are expected to hit an all-time in the year 2014. Exxon Mobil shares record a growth of 0.6%, which means gains for my investment (Yahoo Finances, 2014). It is necessary to hold the shares to bet if the prices would rise in the next few weeks. The following shows the table in terms of the losses and win made in this period. This is based on the stock prices as of 5th May 2014 from Yahoo Finance.The investments have not performed well compared to the S&P 500 index. The index has shown a steady increase from 186 to 187 between April 17 and May 5. The index had a few fluctuations from 187 to 186 (Yahoo Finance, 2014). This has not been shown in the investments which have maintained prices and dropped during this period.The Dow Jones industrial Average Index has shown a steady increase in the past one month with a few slumps. Exxon Mobil is ranked third among the biggest gainers and Microsoft appears among the biggest losers. The S &P 500 index has been ranging between 188 and 189 based on stock price value. The prices have been relatively steady with minimal changes. For example in May second the stocks indicated a 0.16% change in shares prices. The Russell 2000 index has, also, been steady in the long term (Russell Investment, 2014). It has shown a substantiative growth of 0.18% in the last month and 0.26% as of May 2nd 2014. Therefore, it seems that all these indices have been steady with very minimal fluctuations.The performance of the investments has been reflected in the tracking of these major stock indices. This

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