Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NAT TURNER Essay -- essays research papers

Nat TurnerEarly in the morning of August 22,1831, a band of black slaves, led by a lay preacher named Nat Turner, entered the Travis house in Southampton County, Virginia and killed five members of the Travis family. This was the beginning of a slave uprising that was to fuck off known as Nat Turners rebellion. Over a thirty-six hour period, this band of slaves grew sixty or seventy in number and chaw 58 white persons in and around Jerusalem, Virginia (seventy miles east of Richmond) before the local community could act to stop them. This rebellion raised southern fears of a general slave uprising and had a profound influence on the attitude of Southerners towards slavery. Nat Turner was born a slave in Virginia in 1800, owned by a southern man, named Ben Turner. It was common during this time for the slave to be given the last name of their owner. In this relatively easygoing atmosphere at this cross plantation, Nat was allowed to learn to read and write. growing up, Nat playe d with his owners son until the age of twelve. He was then put to work as a field hand. He believed that that graven image had chosen him to lead the blacks to freedom. After seeing a halo around the sun on August 13, 1831, Turner believed this to be a sign from immortal to begin the revolt. Beginning on August 22 and lasting for two days, Turner and seventy recruits went on a rampage. They killed Turners master and fifty-eight more men,...

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