Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Making Ethical Decisions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Making Ethical Decisions - Essay ExampleWhat is the worry? The problem faced by the manager is to determine if it is indeed the best option to fire the employee establish on absenteeism and customer complaints versus the employees possession of personal virtues of honesty and non stealing. 2. What are your alternatives? The alternative courses of serve are (1) fire the employee (2) give the employee a warning or reprimand depending on the number of absences and customer complaints (3) consult the companys code of discipline that should guide the decision-maker on appropriate courses of action depending on violations of company policies (4) do nothing. 3. What are the effects of each alternative? Firing the employee without just cause will subject the manager under legal complaints for violating labor laws, especially if the employee is a permanent employee. Giving the employee a warning or reprimand, depending on the number of absences or customer complaints would make the employ ee aware that management does not tolerate his inefficiency in his working behavior. This would also give the employee a chance to improve his performance. Consulting the companys code of discipline would ensure that the employee knows the penalties for his absences and the manager would implement the option depending on what company policies state. Finally, by doing nothing, the employee would not have the chance to improve on his working performance. 4.

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