Monday, May 6, 2019

Business Research for Decision Making, Red Tomatoe Company Essay

Business Research for Decision Making, flushed Tomatoe Company - Essay Examplebout the company is that the top management came from the ranks of the JRT and this could be place as one of its strengths because these people are familiar with the ins and outs of the company. Unfortunately, the company is on the rocks because key personnel started leaving put up year because they realized that they have no future with JRT. This backlash could be detrimental to the company because it had previous(prenominal) plans of expanding in the future. With this, this paper would thresh out the problems associated with the human resources (HR) planning of JRT and seek out the viable solutions to these problems.The previous HR consultant conducted preliminary interviews within the organization, undergone research of the produce industry and consulted other business cases with akin(predicate) challenges. It has been found out that Juicy Red Tomato Company needs to invest in holding not only of i ts managerial personnel, but also front-line production employees. In addition, JRT needs to improve communication between production and operations, possibly by enhancing technology used by the company as a whole.With regards to organizational structure, it has been observed that the JRT has the traditional structure. According to Grinnell and Apple (1975), there are five common indications that the traditional structure may not be adequate for managing projectsOur observations agree with what Green and Apple (1975) identified as the problems that arise with the traditional organizational structure. In fact, many companies do not realize the destiny for organizational structure to change until it is too late. Management looks externally (i.e., to the environment) rather than internally for solutions to problems. A distinctive example would be that new product costs are rising while the product brio cycle may be decreasing. Should emphasis be placed on lowering costs or developi ng new products?If JRT assumes that an organizational system is composed of both

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