Thursday, May 9, 2019

Labeling theorists Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Labeling theorists - Research report ExampleThe mapping of word such as criminal, thief or felon influences deviant look of individuals an aspect that result to increasing cases of crimes in the community. Based on its argument that the criminal justice dodging is limited in its effort to restrain unlawful conduct, the labeling theory has been criticized for its failure to explain serious offences that supervene in the society. Some individuals indicate that by terming other people as criminals is not appropriate and the labeling theorists should use specific words such as rapists, murderer or child abuser (Mann et al, 1999). On its part, the ethnic deviance theory indicates that the cause of criminal behaviors among the lower class is due to conformity to the prevailing ethnical norms. On their part, the individuals in the working class commit criminal activities in their efforts to respond to cultural norms indoors their own class. Apart from the labeling theory and cultura l deviance theory, this paper seeks to discuss another theory than tends to ward off stereotyping individuals in the criminal justice system. dribble theory on its part indicates that a crime is a function of the conflict between the objectives that are focused by individuals and the strategies they can adopt to legally procure them. The theory indicates that ones class plays a major role in obtaining their goals which are the same for all people. As the result, individuals at the lower class, feel anger, resentment and experience frustration an aspect referred to as strain (Piquero and Miriam, 2000). Strain can either be structural or individual. Structural strain indicates the process within the society that affect the way one sees his or her wants. For example lack of adequate regulations or social structures may result to change of ones perceptions. On the other hand, individual strains entail the pains and frictions that are experienced by individuals in their efforts to loo k for ways to satisfy them. Once the lower class members

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