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Controversies of Racism Essay

The subject of racism is a continual controversial issue within everyday hostel. Its inevitable. Everywhere you go, youll bed across some sort of variety or racism. Its like were programmed to judge instantly, its in our human nature. Religion, age and racial discrimination literally surrounds us and we cant do a good deal to pulley block it until we change ourselves, and lets face it thats probably not red to happen. So the main questions I normally ask myself argon Why are we prejudiced? Is being diametric that bad? And are we really that different?Hitler definitely seemed to withdraw that we were. So did America back in the 1600s where the first of racism and obscure slavery began and half the worlds world in the 21st Century think so too. It was said for many years that Hitler was obsessed with racial purity and spread his beliefs in speeches and writings pronouncing that his function needs to remain pure in order to rule the world. What was his definition of pure? To have blue eyes, fair skin and blonde hair. Who is to say that makes you the amend being? Absolutely no one.When Hitler and the Nazis came to power, these beliefs became the government motto and were spread publicly in posters, on the radio, in movies, in classrooms and in vernalspapers. After Hitler took power, Nazi teachers in school classrooms began to apply the principles of racial science. The teachers measured skull size and nose length and recorded the colour of the students hair and eyes to determine whether students belonged to the admittedly race. This constant negative message that was being sent out influenced the younger students to continue with racism.The Nazis also began to put their ideology into practice with the support of German scientists who believed that the human race could be improved by limiting the reproduction of people considered inferior such as Jews, people with disabilities, gypsies, black people, and people with skin diseases, Jehovahs Witnesses a nd any other f virtues humans are born with. Hitler viewed the Jews not as a religious group, merely as a poisonous, revolting race, which lived off other races and weakened them. And so began the Holocaust.Hitler threw innocent Jewish people into concentration camps letting them starve to death, gassing them, burning them alive and eternal other torturous acts because they werent what he saw to be the perfect being. That may have been around sixty years past but why does genocide still happen? After the Jewish Genocide, the cold war genocide, Rwanda genocide and just recently the genocide in Darfur occurred. Slavery is a black eye on the soul of Americas history. There has never been an excuse for one human to own another. We humans as a species should always have been treated equally.Why should people own other people? Are human beings animals? How can you hate someone so much by the colour of their skin? There simply is no answer. Slavery began around the 1600s when the first black man was used as a servant. The slavery continued on, all the way through to the 1900s where the servants were used to clean, cook food, babysit and do the dirty work around the house while a racist extremist group called the Ku Klux Klan that believed in Hitlers message abused them with hate crimes and acts of domestic terrorism.Black people were treated like they were the scum of the man they were abused, spit on, beaten and in worst case scenario, murdered. They werent allowed to go to the same stores, schools, diners, and churches as the white people in America which was a bulky disadvantage to the African-American race. When the racial segregation happened, which was a big milestone in history, the AfricanAmericans were allowed to have the same facilities as everyone else, much to Americas disdain.Their freedom was limited the African-Americans resorted to sitting at the back of the bus, or were only allowed to go to certain public areas. So why it is that racism still exists? What will it take for human race to realize that despite the colour of a persons skin, we are all amazing, complex people, who have wonderful characteristics that should be admired and loved? entirely people also need to realize that some people that were born black didnt CHOSE to be black. I mean, Im a black girl but that doesnt make me hate the whites and love the blacks.Both races are the same to me. I guess equating is such a new concept within everyday American society that many raw emotions still cloud their judgment. Now in the 21st Century, racism still exists and in varying forms. Not only is there racial discrimination, religion is discriminated against also. When you see a Muslim man walking down the street or a woman wearing a burka, do you cower in fear? There is this new phobia called Islamophobia where there is hatred, prejudice or fear of a Muslim person and this term came to use fter the September 11 terrorist attack. But why be scared of only Muslims? E veryone is capable of create great harm to society and just recently the Norway attack occurred and this attack wasnt done by a Muslim. It was by a Norwegian citizen that no one suspected. This man, Breivik planned the attack to annihilate multiculturalism in Norway and to preserve a Christian Europe. His political views were to conserve his culture and promote Islamophobia, he also urged Europeans afterwards this attack to restore the historic crusades against Islam as in the Middle Ages.You could say that Islamophobia is the new form of black racism as it is a practice of slap-up against Muslims by excluding them from the economic, social and public life of everyday society. The new law that was passed down in France of not being able to wear the burka is an example. French police arrested two veiled women just hours after the countrys new ban on wearing the burka in public came into force. This law is the first of its kind to be enforced in Europe, and the French police said t hey will be extremely cautious as there are fears of Muslim women provoking violence while the burka.The law should not push minorities around. I believe that people should be allowed to wear what they want, free of coercion. The burka is a Muslim practice and I do not see the big deal, it is not a security risk. It is believed that Islam has no values in the Western society and is an inferior and violent religious belief. On the contrary, the violent belief is this new phobia. What do you think? Far too many of us speak of equality and hope, yet secretly have hate. Most people will tell you, that they are not racist individuals.Many of these people though, are either casual themselves, or just dont want to make a bad reputation for themselves. Everyone is based on little more than stereotypes and stories of that what happened years ago with Hitler and the black slavery. So we need to put aside all the things that happened generations ago. It happened out of ignorance and right now what we need to be doing is unite as one race, stop the negative attitudes and beliefs that permeate around us and try to make the future brighter. Some people believe that racism is in our human nature. Do you think so?

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