Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Landscape Archaeology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Landscape Archaeology - judge Examplein God, playscape painting, cartography and human enterprise, among new(prenominal)s, to illustrate how humans have usurped nature, superimposed train concepts over it, and bent it to their own purposes.Using concepts fleshed out by such philosophers of science as Heidegger, doubting doubting Thomas moves on to explain human concepts of place and how purpose is perpetually superimposed thereon. A place is always the place of something. (pp173) He also shows how landscapes seem to be contained within a frame visual or conceptual, and of course monetary or pecuniary. Humans attach value to place, whether or not it is land, developed or otherwise. They also impose meanings of time, as evidence by the article itself the value placed on findings from the bypast as well as practical present-time use.In addition, Thomas shows a connection between land and the cosmos, seen as early as Neolithic times. Tombs, houses and henges not only formed part of the land form, moreover had some sort of attachment or reference to the skies and astral bodies so that the passing of time and seasons were mum to affect the land and places where people lived and died, even from such an early time.We are deluding ourselves, Thomas suggests, if we try and insure archaeological findings within the landscape using our modern mindsets. (pp 180) We would always fail if we superimposed our way of sightedness things over whatever remnant of early undertakings we find. We cannot ultimately gain access to the meanings given to, and the uses of, the environment by early civilisations. He gives the examples of evidence of large gatherings in long houses, discoveries of human remains, patterns of movements between and around monuments, and other details studied through visions and understandings that are necessarily limited (or overly expanded) by modern knowledge.Thomas uses the literature, citing Gow, Frazer and Berger among many others, to extrapolate a theory of anthro-centrism a superimposition (and

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