Friday, May 3, 2019

SHORT LISTENING ASSIGNMENT FORMAT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SHORT LISTENING subsidisation FORMAT - Essay Examplegroup of medicationians same(p) the group of three trumpeters, saxophonists, and trombone players and the soloists like the pianist or cellist or the drummer take turns to improvise the piece based on what was performed by the musician(s) before him. leaf refers to short relaxed phrases being repeated over varied melodies. In this piece the complex riff structure in the spike arrangements or collaborative arrangement that was memorized and non written down.The visual appeal in the video is remarkable. The video displays the musicians prowess and their rhythmic motions to the music mark the beginning of the swing era. The swing music was gaining popularity at the time and the Jazz Big Bands were a reflection of the times.The trumpet solo was precise significant. The musician starts from low tone and displays a wide range in tone during his solo. He is preceded by the saxophone soloist and succeeded by the piano solo. The trum pet lends to the bouncy beat and light mood of the music piece and is very well placed in the sequence.The visual elements as discussed previously is enhanced with the lighting effects where the lights yielding on each sectional as they play out their piece starting with saxophone players, the trombones and their head motions imitating the music and then the section of trumpet players. The One OClock Jump ends with all the players play a repetitive phrase with variations in tone and melody and the catchy beat almost like a dance beat lends to the charm of the song. Why this jazz song became so popular is not difficult to understand. The overall performance is quite astounding. The light and fluffy rhythm has an energetic feel that is blue-blooded to swing to and uplifts the mood instantly. The complex riffs contend out by the ensemble is very melodious and the sequences played out all seem to fit in perfectly and hence it is no wonder why it has come to be considered as one of t he best songs of the

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