Thursday, May 2, 2019

Explain a possible message that the author suggests through his story Essay

develop a possible message that the author suggests through his apologue - Essay Exampleor denotes that, carte du jour and himself had a capital of six hundred dollars, and they needed another ii thousand dollars to initiate a fraudulent scheme in the town of Western Illinois (Henry, 9). However, this plan was foiled before it becomes a reality. This story has a hidden message that there is no need of terroring fells, but we should face them in boldness. bravely facing criminals is a sure way of preventing the emergence of a crime. This is depicted when the red chief, did not fear the criminals, hence, making desire to abandon their mission of collecting ransom from the father. Sam and Bill initiate a plan of grab Johnny, the red haired son of a prominent citizen by the name of Ebenezer Dorset. The intention of swipeping this child was to claim for ransom, in order to finance their illegal activities. Initially, it was a good idea for these criminals to kidnap a wealthy chil d, as it would be a sure way of raising the ransom money. This is depicted when the narrator denotes that, It looked like a good idea, but wait until I tell you. We were in Alabama, put through South, when this kidnapping idea came up. It was an idea of Bill (Henry, 11). Through this passage, we are able to find out that the two criminals liked this kidnapping idea. This is because they thought it was the easy way of raising money to engage in their criminal activities. However, as the story unfolds, they find out that they were wrong to target the red haired child of Ebenezer Dorset. This is because they were unable to wear the characters of Johnny, the Red Chief.Johnny, the Red Chief did not fear the criminals who kidnapped him. This is because when they arrived at their cave hideout, Johnny began playing with them. On a normal situation, a child who is kidnapped will begin crying, seeking for his or her parents. This was not the eccentric with Johnny. Johnny begins to drive hi s captors to distraction with his malicious pranks, unrelenting chatter, and he demands that

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