Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Church Experience Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Church companionship - Term Paper ExampleI conducted short interviews with twenty Christians in which I studies about Christianity from the volume and asked them if they re eachy manage these values in their daily lives. The response I received was tremendous. The pack told me that how they practice these values in their daily lives and also that thither is no place in Christianity for those who do non practice these values in their daily lives. They told me as how these values help them to lead a made life. The examples given by them were eye opening. I will sh be one of the examples I received from a Christian in an interview. Once that Christian man went to his act as save like he utilise to go daily. He saw people making conspiracies against him. He did nothing against them, rather kept doing his work honestly. His boss called him in the office and asked him about the conspiracies and rumors against him. The man said that it is all lies and there was no rightfulness to them. The people making conspiracies against him liked his act so much that they started respecting him and protected and helped him at his problems. This was just a small example which really motivated me to study more about Christianity. Churches are considered to be an consequential factor in the practice of Christianity. According to my interviewed audience, church is not just a place where all the Christians gather and practice their devotion. It is also a place where people meet, socialize and discuss all their problems with the people around. They try to help each other and find a solution for the problem people are facing. There are societies made inside the church to help people. For example the education society helps the students in their education field, the health society helps them in maintaining a healthy life, and the music society helps the people to unsex music their career and so on. People liked to change their religion and convert to Christianity because they felt the religion Christianity is a complete religion and there are no flaws in it. The religion is not just about religious practices but also about keeping all the Christians together, united. It is a complete guideline to a successful life. The best incision about having to choose a church was that it was so accept that it was not particularly hard to gain access to people and their views. Just to be sure that there would be no problem I did talk to the priest to make sure I was allowed to be there. His response was only welcoming and he didnt even question my reasons for being there. His response was a mere that he was glad to have me there and that I was totally welcome to be part of the service. Whilst questioning people, I did introduce myself and briefed them about my project so that they knew what are conversation was about and were not at all misguided. The knowledge I gained was more ethic in nature because the behavior I observed in the church was not specific to any location. Upon questioning and interviewing people, I got the impression ratty and clear that all church gatherings almost

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