Sunday, May 5, 2019

Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry Research Paper

Digital Marketing in the Healthcargon Industry - Research Paper Example by means of the system, the number of patients served per day increases and the space required to store all the data concerning the patients becomes minimal. Thus, there is increased workflow and improved productivity in the health sector. The system replaces paper records that are usually incomplete roughly parts usually found in different places thus being fragmented and hard to see to it and read (Cavalieri and Rupp 22).The accuracy and efficiency of the health sector also improve the systems results in improved results wariness and the care of the patients with reduced margins of error within the health check care practice. There is also a simplification in the production cost such as overtime expenses for labor and the costs of transcription. For this reason, this automatically results in an increase in the acceptance of the system in the health sector.EMR also leads to the development of customizable and scalable records that are in a position to grow with time. The advancement of e- prescribing and documentation of the clinical records leads to improved practice in the health care system. There also results from an enhancement in the ability to more efficiently and accurately process the patients bills.The ultimate goal of having an EMR within a given hospital, is to make patients data available to anyone who need it, where and when they need it. With the system in place, patients lab results can be obtained with much ease compared with the paper system, and this give lead to saving a lot of time and money. The system provides data that is always ready for analysis, audit, musical note assurance and research and disease surveillance for continuing medical education (Cavalieri and Rupp 36).In conclusion, the emergence of the EMR into medical systems is expected to decrease medical errors, reduce health care costs and influence peoples decision in selecting their

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