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A rose for Emily research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

A rose for Emily research paper - judge ExampleThe readers were told that Emily bought arsenic and that a strange odor appeared around the house for a few weeks and thence disappeared. During the years drip Emily isolated herself from the society in town and only after she dead did they discovered in a locked room the decomposed body of her alleged fianc. The grey hair they found contractified that Miss Emily had been laying near the dead body of her partner for years.Barnet et al. (1997) consider that we live in a knowledge domain filled with symbolism. Symbols do not have a clear meaning and posses a deep spectral structure embedded in society and culture. Meanings intermingle with expressions and create ambiguities. Symbols are fragmented and present contrasting pictures, evoke different senses and stand for different situations (Barnet et al). Every moment is written or spoken sign and in order to grasp its meaning we have to decode its symbols. The same is with stories an d literature. They stand for past, present and incoming experiences which we have to carefully decipher.Many different interpretations can be represented in analyzing the social, economic and historical contexts of Faulkners short story. Fetterly (1999) justifies Faulkners use of the grotesque to describe his story. She proposes that one looks at the story from a feminist perspective. Then one notices that the grotesque aspects of the story are a result of its violation of the expectations generated by the conventions of sexual politics (Fetterly 50). Fetterly (1999) continues that the end shocks not only by the suggestion of necrophilia, but also by the fact that a woman is capable of committing a murder of a men. This story is not almost the conflict between the old and the new, the change of social order, or the competition between the South and the North. This is a story of the sexual conflict below the surface (Fetterly). The locked rook found after Emilys remnant is a mirr or image of the world that

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