Sunday, March 17, 2019

Paideia: A Concept Contributing to the Education of Humanity and Societal Well-Being :: Philosophy

Contributing to the Education of Humanity and societal Well-BeingABSTRACT For the sake of humanity, outward compulsion must potpourri into inward check. This is possible with the help of paideia. I use paideia instead of the suspicious German word Bildung, which comprises the meanings of education, formation, and cultivation. The core of my recently developed apprehension of paideia is that the educating several(prenominal) does what has to be done in a certain situation. He or she executes alone or together with the other. In doing a run away the educated individual tries to avoid any disadvantage for the other. The finished work re fork overs the rattlingization of both, the individual as well as the other in a step toward self-realization. This philosophy of education integrates into one single image the two main traces of theories of education in European countries, namely the theories of self-being and those of selflessness. The concept of paideia is a possible answer t o actual problems such as the tornado between the rich and the worthless, the increase of violence, existing political radicalism, exploitation of inseparable resources and so on. According to this situation, not all people are educated very well. I claim that the expounded philosophy of education is able to gift to the education of humanity. The combination of self-being and selflessness guarantees the optimal realization of sense in a given situation. This ensures that the common work of the individual and the other hind end develop very well, so that both are intertwined in the result. I. From superficial Compulsion to Inward Control For many years our present order of magnitude has been characterized by sociologists and philosophers as being determined by three factors outset science and technology, second mass media including new forms of communications like the Internet, and third individualism and pluralism. These three characteristics of the present situation point t o the diminuation of human possibilities. For on one side we live in a society of allege unlimited possibilities with respect to science, technology, communication and personal individuality. On the other side, however, real thinking and doing, real talk and real self-shaping seem to grow poor or become impossible. The prize we are obliged to pay for our present society, the prize of our possibilities is ironically that of the impossibility of our special possibilities, be they personal or social. So the strive for perfection unmasks itself as an unplanned deterioration in many realms of social and personal life.

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