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Mkt 337

Company profile CFL (Core Finland ltd) which was found in 2006 in Finland. Its a dynamic provender merchandise company. The present managing conductor of CFL is Joonas Turkama. The main activates of this company is atomic number 18 importing, grocerying and gross revenue of first separate products, which have the potential to grow big brands nation in totallyy as hearty as internationally. The mainly focusing on building brands in aim to gain a spacious term success. CoreFinlands main locate groups are wholesale, sell trade and HoReCa -sector. They in addition build international partnerships, especially in Western-Europe and in the Baltic Sea region.In future they plan to expand their concern activities particularly towards Russia, Germany and Sweden. The main product of this company is collations and food product. It take into accounts marketing and sales service both domestic and foreign by its long statistical distribution channel (whole sale, Retail). It also pr ovide some service similar hosting, packaging, consulting by retail chain. Product CFL start producing VEGE CHIPS from 2011 under Rye snacks. Now a day in Europe people are more considerablyness concusses so that in Europe market people are deal to choose rose-cheeked food rather than fast food.So that organic foods intimately make a big market in Europe . VEGE CHIPS is tout ensemble wellnessy and organic food. Its not only a ophidians people feces use it as a secureness food. Fat level in VEGE CHIPS is very low so that substance sequence people can take it as much as they want. No1 Developing market for VEGE CHIPS Our target market is 2 different countries Srilanka and Canada. These twain countries are different from each different. They are totally different in socially and culturally. So our target market also different for these two countries. Country profile Srilanka population 1,481,334 (July 2011 est. ) Age structure 0-14 eld24. 9% (male 2,705,953/female 2,5 99,717) 15-64 age67. 2% (male 6,993,668/female 7,313,440) 65 years and all over7. 9% (male 720,219/female 950,916) (2011 est. ) median age Total30. 8 years male29. 7 years female31. 8 years (2011 est. ) Canada Population 34,300,083 (July 2011 est. ) Age structure 0-14 years15. 7% (male 2,736,737/female 2,602,342) 15-64 years68. 5% (male 11,776,611/female 11,517,972) 65 years and over15. 9% (male 2,372,356/female 3,024,571) (2011 est. ) Median age Total41 years male39. 8 years female42. years (2011 est. ) Customer profile Our target is middle age people who are 18 above. Middle age people are more health concusses and the can make decision as their own. we accept that they go forth take our chips because its vigorous and totally natural. If we can satisfy them they will influence other for chose our product. Srilanka In srilanka we will target high monastic order area like Colombo because they are more health concuss and they can easily effort hefty food without thinking for harm. in their people lead busy life so if they got ready healthy food they can easily take it.We also target sea side area w present tourist comes from different country. Canada In Canada we will target is the whole country. Because they are reach enough and lead busy time. They also more health concusses and educated too. No 2 The Marketing mix for VEGE CHIPS Srilanka Canada Product Srilankan people like spicy food like as other Asian country so hither we have to slang extra spicy chips with repair one. Product In Canada we use our regular healthy chips but we have to make it small(a) bit winning and salty Place We sell it in retail stall and all over the target location. Place Super shop and large retail stall in super mall or market. Promotion present we use TVC, billboard commercial also in magazine , health magazine Promotion Here u use free tail, billboard, health magazine , bill board in bus train , jade Price Small packet and medium, slight amount off chips so that set can be reduce. Price Large and gorgeous boxing so that we can keep gift price. Positioning Less price because middle var. people can afford it. Positioning spicy price because people get healthy food and its for higher(prenominal) class people. Process We produce chips in srilanka Process We chose a well known distributer in Canada and export chips from Finland. Physical evidence puritanical chips with attractive shape of chips but packing will be less costly. Physical evidence Attractive packing with high costly and chips show is light. People Well dress up sellers and they are directly commutated because here(predicate) we do direct marketing. People For make familiar we give cap, jersey to our distributor and give well amount of percentage for big sale. No 3 Integrated marketing communication for VEGE CHIPS Srilanka Canada Step 1 Vege chips is completely new product for srilanka so our vision is gaining the one of best healthy food producer in there. Her e we do mass marketing for promoting our chips in school, collage. Because in srilanka most of are middle class indian lodge people. Step 1 As a new chip in Canada our vision is reach a respected position by providing healthy snacks in market. We gain it by providing healthy chips at a premium price. Step 2 As we are new in Srilanka so we heir a add firm for adverting and provides them our survey report on target customers need expectation from snacks.We are new in here its a weakness for us but our strength is we are providing healthy and natural foods. For Asian region country here peoples like spicy foods so that we provides some spicy flavors chips. Step 2 For promotion in Canada all work done by distributer as we choose distribution channel in here for providing our product. So here no need to full attention for determining customer profile. pricy price is a weakness here but in other hand providing healthy food is our strength. Here chips will salty and little bit sweet. Step 3 Here we do our promotion by TVC, Billboard, and Health magazine. Our main massage is Eat healthy chips at cheaper price Our main objective is gain 25 % of the snacks market in a year. Step 3 Our tag line is Eat healthy, Live long . Here we do free trail, internet pop up , billboard in bus train. Here our object is gain 25 % of snack market in 2-4 year. Step 4 We make our 40 % swell from Finland and other 60 % from native bank for build our factory in Srilanka. Step 4 In Canada we import chips from Finland so we have do is send money in transport and tax.So the Budget is cheaper for Canada. Step 5 By TVC here we do mass marketing for establish our product. Billboard marketing done by ad agency. For middle and higher class people here we have small packet and fewer amounts of chips. We can overcome our profit but less costly packaging. Step 5 This chips is healthy, natural and unique. Here we chose a distribution channel to supply it in lager retrial store and mass mark eting. We provide them healthy and natural food so the price is higher in here. We use gorgeous packaging. We provide product from Finland by this its easy to gain profit. Step 6 For a good progress we check out our monthly feedback from all kind of stores and retailer. We have to careful for breakeven point and overall sells for understood our stream market situation. Step 6 For Canada we have to careful in monitoring, evaluating and compulsive to our distribution channel. We take all kind of information from them for understanding our market situation. Assignment 1 ( Promotional marketing) Submitted to Sherina Idrish Subject MKT 337 Section 8 Submitted by Hossan momahmmed mishu ID 102 0184 030

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