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Country Music from the 1940s Through the 1950s Essay -- essays researc

Country Music from the 1940s Through the mid-fiftiesChanges in the Recording Industry-In the 1930s there were basically ternary types of radio station the large networks, the network afilliates,and the idependent stations.-Agroup called the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) was in control of the song copyrights.-At the end of the National Broadcasters Companys contract, ASCAP cherished it renewed at the price of 9 million dollars.-NAB ofcourse said no way and developed their own network called Broadcasters Music Inc. (BMI)-Slowly people were sign with BMI, most important was Ralph Peers Southern Music Publishing.-When the disputes were in conclusion settled in 1941, popular music had changed drastically.-On the tail of the broadcasting ban, the musicians union, American Federation of Musicians (AFM) went on strike.-In anticipation of the strike the large companies had been stockpiling records.-The American people were hungry for new music, so they accep ted the independent stations of the majors.-Over the span of the next few years the American public would overcompensate this music known as Western.Country Music in the humanness War II Years-The American presence in valet War II redefined many Americans commitment to their country.-By 1939, the haughty Ole Opry had become the most popular and important music show on the radio.-The four-and-a-half hour program was condensed into three hours.-Th...

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