Saturday, August 10, 2019

Turkey Foreign Policy and AK party Research Paper

Turkey Foreign Policy and AK party - Research Paper Example Turkey has changed its political dimension now as it is no longer a country which depended on Western compliance. Turkey as an independent country, has all the power and potentiality to rise as a strong nation , which is assertive on its rights and position in the global platform. Here the focus is on the Turkey’s foreign policy and its vibrancy in achieving new global dimension as self confident nation. Nevertheless, the arguable point here is whether the turkey’s foreign policy, under the control of AK party will proceed to establish a secure place in the European Union. As a matter of fact, establishment of human right freedom and secularism is the only way through which the country can get the status of European country. Since turkey is sharing boundaries with Middle East and Europe, its political responsibility is different from other countries. Here, the foreign affairs Minister Mr. Davutoglu has vested with the immense duty for empowering the nation. According to (Robinson,2012)â€Å" Mr. Davutoglu believes Turkey can play an important role in constructing this new political, economic and cultural system†. Event though, Turkey is struggling to establish its own political identity, its eligibility to come forward as a global power seems to be an achievable ambition.†. ... For the very same reason, it has a population comprised of Muslims, Christians and Jews. Before coming under the control of AK party, Turkey considered itself as a European country and missed out to recognize itself as an individual strong nation. The foreign policy of the country was fragile and offered less importance to social elements like cultural ethnicity and gender identity. Turkey was considered by world as a nation with a weak political foundation and vulnerable foreign policy agenda. Turkey in ancient times was more deep rooted in unrealistic political ideas and more complex democracy oriented principles .The country was more secluded and less visionary and globalization was a dormant political aspiration. If a country hesitates to open its door to its neighboring countries, then the economic and social interest of the country would lie in darkness. Due to the unpolished foreign policy strategy of Turkey, during 1990s, the co –operation of the country with Iran and Syria was dull. Before the arrival of AK party, the foreign policy of Turkey aimed at non –interference with neighboring countries and this made the country secluded from Middle Eastern countries. The global aspiration of Turkey In recent times, Turkey has gained a reputation of being an ambitious, independent and self confident country, with a foreign policy agenda to achieve a global status of being a pivotal country geographically and politically. Nowadays, Turkey is not seeing itself as a fragile and weak nation but wants to establish itself as a country with immense political authority and cultural heritage. According to the new foreign policy, the key element is the security and freedom of the citizens of the country. In recent times, it has been acknowledged

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