Monday, August 12, 2019

Dehav Travel report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Dehav Travel report - Essay Example The paper also discusses the issue related to the graduate management development program. There are other issues related to the management of the organization that has been discussed in the paper, that also involves organizational culture and ethics management within the organization (CIPD, 2013). There are employee turnovers within Dehav Travel starting from the junior to senior managers and the factors that leads to employee turnover. The researcher through this paper aims to carry out a detailed analysis on the leadership management strategy followed by the organizations and the challenges that the company faces. The research also offers the researcher the scope to understand the effectiveness of the factors responsible for the leadership management in Dehav Travel. Leadership deals with the ability of the managers to enhance the performance of the employees by motivating them and providing them with the training that is needed. There are various styles of the leadership followed within the organization and it depends on the personality of the individuals who wishes to be team leaders (Zur Muehlen, 2004; Fullan, 2002). Research says that the leader should adapt themselves to the new trends in order to make the team members perform well in order to make them compete with the rivals in the organization (Gaba, 2000). However, there are differences among the leadership and management process followed by the organization. The management process within Dehav Travel involves planning and accounting techniques and finally, establishing the detailed steps for achieving the goals of the organization. This also involves allocating the resources necessary to implement the project successfully (Guthrie, 2001). The leadership process involves a vision set by the managers for the organization and the strategies undertaken by the managers to achieve the vision. The next step under the management

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