Sunday, August 11, 2019

Japan and American politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Japan and American politics - Essay Example Their motto being â€Å"Japanese spirit, Western things†. This is easily discernable by their deep involvement in the modern economic growth of their own country as well as the East Asia, yet their refusal to give up their own culture and sense of identity. This is not limited to the clothes they wear, or the language they speak, but can also be discernable by the customary practices of the Japanese in their offices as well as their clinging to local traditions that help maintain harmony in their lives. There is no denying that this form of modernization has been successful in maintaining balance and harmony in the lives of the Japanese, both at home and at work in corporations. They have successfully brought together their own culture with the economic policies of the West. However, sometimes the â€Å"Japanese spirit, Western things† slogan has been given another meaning by the anti-liberal Japanese, who want to amalgamate Western technology in such a way into the Japanese system that it would protect them from political competition and protect their interests alone. Hence, the slogan is used to protect economic and political threat to their powers, which they refuse to share or give up. This causes a lot of problems for the Japanese economy, as it results in bad businesses carrying on with little or no respite for the investors, and the bad or weak corporations continuing their business with little or no accountability, and often by a monopoly. Albeit, this slogan has helped maintain Japanese identity and has enabled them to have their own place, culturally and economically in the world, however, it has resulted in many a losses, which include the losses resulting from their refusal to allow competition and private enterprising in many domestic sectors, as Japanese culture is hostile towards competition in the economic life. Moreover, the Japanese back bad banks, and refuse to close down even those

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