Sunday, August 11, 2019

Individual Assignment #2 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Individual Assignment #2 - Case Study Example The amount of money saved can then be used to increase speed and precision of product development. Through the company’s strong marketing, it can develop its products globally while reducing cost. A company can reduce the cost and at the same time develop products by using recyclable materials. Relocating of the company’s production plants to low-cost countries will help it reduce the cost, increase speed and precision of product development (Hunger, & Bamford, PP. 35-40). AB Electrolux focuses to relocate its proactive activities to low cost production areas such as China. The company can compete with local Chinese consumer manufacturers in the following ways. First the company is able to offer consumers with quality low cost vacuum cleaners, making it to be very competitive. In addition, the company has ability to use door-to-door sales strategy that will help AB Electrolux outdo Chinese consumer manufactures as this method will help increase sales. Consumers prefer a one to one relationship with companies and therefore AB Electrolux should implement personal contact with consumers. Due to increase in technology, the company should utilize e marketing to promote sales of their commodities and cope with competition. Apart from marketing, the internet also gives price awareness to consumers. The company can also reduce prices of products in Chinese consumer manufacturers dominated areas to increase sales thereby improving their competition (Hunger, & Bamford, PP. 36-42). The company should produce their products that are heavy and bulky near the end users to save cost of shipping and at the same time maintain their premium brand and prices. The company should invest in attractive markets where demand is high as well as income of individuals to be able to maintain premium prices. Ensuring products meet consumer needs will help maintain premium

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