Monday, August 26, 2019

Apple Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Apple Company - Essay Example It took Apple only five years from 2003 to 2008 to have the market value of its shares increased by as many as 25 times, as the value of Apple’s share in 2003 was $7.5 which increased to $180 in the year 2008. â€Å"At July 2008 prices, before the US Financial Crisis, Apple stock market capitalization was $160 billion. In January 2010 Apple shares topped the $210 mark† (Vertygo Team, 2011). The case study of Apple Company provides an excellent practical example of how the theoretical marketing principles can be brought to life by incorporating them into the business strategies, and their benefits can thus be obtained. This paper discusses the potential ways of integration of the marketing theory with practice, and explores the comprehensive marketing strategy adopted by the Apple Company that has led it to the profound success. The secret of Apple’s success lies beyond the design standards of its products as well as the core philosophy of Apple which suggests tha t â€Å"the user doesn’t always know what they want† (Tiojanco, 2012). ... potential hurdles in the way of integrating marketing theory with practice, and recognition of the measures that can be taken to overcome those obstacles. Subjectivity in the knowledge of marketing theory is introduced by the conflicting and complimenting marketing theories of different scholars and educationalists. There is not a single established way of marketing that has gained mutual consensus of all scholars and authors. In fact, different good practices have been explained in different books and literatures depending upon the context, circumstances, organizational objectives, and internal and external environmental and cultural factors that vary from one case study to another. However, there is a need to generalize certain marketing practices and principles that have been approved by a vast majority of scholars. Such marketing principles include but are not limited to improving the brand image by fulfilling corporate social responsibility, incorporating innovation and diversit y in the product design so that the product addresses the needs of a vast majority and diverse population of consumers, and selecting the right medium and the right time to advertise the products. Application of the marketing theory in practice requires understanding of difference between the role of advertisement and promotion. â€Å"[A]dvertising-like messages are used for longerterm strategic efforts to build brand awareness and attitude while promotion-like messages are designed for shorter-term tactical needs to stimulate an immediate sales response† (Percy, 2008, p. 28). Some of the hurdles in the integration of marketing theory with practice include lack of consistency between the organizational structure and the scope of work and organizational objectives, lack of involvement of

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