Friday, August 9, 2019

Managing in a global society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managing in a global society - Essay Example In this scenario, strategies are adopted in taking into account different layers of parameters with the first being culture of the host nation, and subsequently situational as well as strategies pertaining to the process of centralization or decentralization. Understanding and adopting culture of the foreign subsidiary nations, current global industrial trends, pertinent values, and important principles are the contributing factors for the successful global commercial venture. Conventionally economic and management factors are considered while framing strategies for developing international business relations however research and studies have found tremendous impact of culture on establishing strong foreign relations in the form of joint ventures as well as fully owned subsidiaries. Some of the studies suggest joint venture as the most adequate strategically motivated move with the nations having vast cultural differences or vice-versa. However to achieve success, trustworthiness and reliability should be taken into consideration while reducing risks for any opportunistic tendencies. As different cultures have different levels of trustworthiness, it is equally important to weigh all the possible outcomes, opportunities as well as obstacles before forging international relations. ... ould forge a new relationship with the host nation having vast cultural differences by fully utilizing its extensive knowledge (Lee, Bang, Ha & Lee, p. 3). As a CEO of UK firm, I need to take into consideration various cultural parameters if subsidiary in USA and Japan has to enter into success. There is no doubt a fact that in both the USA and UK, language is same and United Kingdom would need little of adjustment while dealing with Americans in contrast to Japan, yet for Americans this assumption puts them in the most difficult situation and less productive. As Craig Storti suggests, â€Å"Because we speak the same language, Americans think they’re not going to have any communication problems with the English,† (Doke 2004, p. 1) but in reality there is a vast difference as the language that appears to be same but have different phrases, unfamiliar terms and meanings. George Bernard Shaw, 20th century Irish playwright and a political strategist, once claimed that Unite d States and England are the two nations having same language still they are divided. It is quite true that the major difference is in English language and its usage can cause many problems and obstacles for the Britons and Americans who are working together as for instance Americans make use of the sports metaphors quite often while having business talks which can be very difficult for us to understand. On the other hand, Britons are habitual in speaking more but with fewer words and this often become the most ordeal task for the Americans to understand (Doke 2004, p. 1). According to Doke, â€Å"Unfamiliar nuances and British attitudes about work, personal ambition, individualism, efficiency, business meetings and communications may run counter to your employees’ experiences and expectations† (2004,

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