Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Role of Older Australians in Family Life Assignment

The Role of Older Australians in Family Life - Assignment Example Contrary to other countries which are giving little importance or no importance at all to older people, Australia recognizes the essential role that older people assume in the society. They specifically believe that older Australians play an active and significant role in family life. This recognition serves as a proof that Australians are indeed family-oriented. As such, for the purpose of this essay, the older Australian’s family life, living arrangements and inter-generational role shall be discussed. Also, the change of their roles and activities beyond eighty years of age shall be analyzed. Generally, when one reaches the old age, he or she is somehow considered as irrelevant to the economic growth of a community. One may base this argument on the fact that old people often retire from work and are eventually left at home. This consequence is viewed by some as disadvantageous to one’s family as well as to the government. The reason of which primarily revolves around the idea of â€Å"financial cost.† On the part of the family concerned, the presence of old people at home means â€Å"additional dependents.† With regard to the government’s side, an increase of the aging population which is higher than the rate of those newly born means lesser workforce and more funding for services like healthcare and medicine. In connection, Australia is observed to have been experiencing a problem with â€Å"aging population† (De Vaus, Gray & Stanton, 2003). For older Australians (aging sixty-five years and older), family life consists of two important matters, living arrangement, and inter-generational role.  

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