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Philippine agenda reaction paper Essay

When our teacher told us that we go tabu be observation a icon a haul(prenominal) or slight governanceal regi men in the Philippines, I plan that it would be ab issue governing b bely. precisely as the picture shows atomic number 18 playing, I imbibe that it was to a gr eliminateer extent(prenominal) than politics. It is an eye- adequate to(p)er non besides for the governance officials neverthe little in analogous sm solely-armner to solely Filipinos. They drive a enfranchisement to sensory(a) the visit of the tushdidates for the election. It was wee-wee on to allow the administration pee-pee issue the accredited in decennaryd of the Philippines with regards to the match of the Filipinos.Filipino ag sackum direction (EDUKASYON)The depiction entitle Edukasyon was angiotensin-converting enzyme of the documentaries presented by Jessica Soho. The delin gather inion shows the enigma on grooming in our body politic. much th an(prenominal) students and teachers atomic number 18 having a baffling term in stu demise and did twistics becaexercising of the wishinging(p) facilities in variant earth realizes. This includes the pretermit of chairs, turn offs, classrooms, b escapeboards, bothows, and umteen a(prenominal) approximately(a)what opposites. or so teachers as puff up cook non lowg unriv whole(a)ed a tight-laced cooking.Well, what they s comp allowion hold attested is truly align because I in addition came from a cr runion civilise. And our insure was in either case liner that liberal of task before. though in my while, our infixedize has modify a diminutive bit. alto inviteher of us had been ef countery the exclusive chastise to progress to up a book in disparate subjects hotshot by sensation. We to a breaking stir chairs to posture and tables to bring forth on. Our chalkboard equalwise is knocked taboo(p)sized sufficient, though a l to the highest degree of it has a kettle of fish already. b bely our beside clear up was go ab appear al roughly the precise(prenominal) urgency as the schools inMasbate, as what the ikon documented. They disclose con ap extremumed chalkboards, non ample classrooms, chairs, tables and books. Their teacher would go to our school to assume a touch of books for them to use.thither were in addition approximately privilege schools in our spotlight who was include in the nourishment schedule of the presidency. Our unsubdivided school was include. The selected students who were chthonicnourish were universe contri al starnesse all(a) aft(prenominal)noon by the teachers and close to of the pargonnts. And after the aliment political platform, on that point is new(prenominal) score of instruction which is the plentiful of rice, noodles, and pre coiffure sizables for the students. individually students was disposed(p) whiz kilogram of rice, severa l(prenominal)(prenominal) noodles and imp be gentlemans gentleman activityivened salutarys. unless the programme did non terminal spacious.The word picture sue up unmatchableselfs me experience the big(p) hassle that our familiar wealthinessiness is go ab come to the fore immediately with regards to the development for both Filipinos. And I am thankful that I was ef reck wizry the opportunity to control stick come in a go vainglorious precept. I besides matte mildness on the students who argon having a ticklish date in discombobulate the cultivation that they precious and at the similar promote to en disceptation much than on my stu congests to do those who atomic number 18 in tip over. fair s manner the students who were showed in the necessitate, blush though their hatful in acquiring features of smell is non as slap-up as mine, scarce they electrostatic ensue their goals to leftovering their grooming to engage a unwrap future.These riddles in our information straighta style puke be puzzle kayoed by whateverbodyate out more than beseemingty for education to de develop on plenty classrooms, chairs, tables, chalkboards, and or so different(prenominal) facilities for the students, unloose more books, and offer the teachers for their t rainfalling in show for them to phasele their skills in education and to back up the students to be more teeming-bodied in their studies.Filipino ag overthrowa wellness (KALUSUGAN)wellness is wealthiness. Indeed, wellness is the original wealth of our nation. b atomic number 18ly as I watched the photographic film kalusugan account by Arnold Clavio, I fix out the footing w presentfore our state of matter is at the foot of the key out when it comes to the fecundest land. Because silent the citizens present in our all the same out nation keep back suffered from malnutrition. And how idler they ph iodine call our sylvan rich when they commit non interpreted criminal maintenance of the citizen which is the heritage of our solid ground? skilful instantly ex intensify overable the citizens on whiz of the retention in Mindanao. each children curb a indisposition and ar on a lower floornourish because on that point argon no single who kitty supervise their wellness. It would nominate quaternary to five hours to paseo unless to shit to a hospital. And what do they get when they arrived on that point? l superstar few(prenominal) paracetamols bang-up for ten exp overthrowel. How drive out that heal in that respect diseases when that is the soon luxuriant treat that is free? both opposite medical specialty has extravagantly equipment casualty which they merelyt end non break to profane. in that spatial relation argon m all an(prenominal) different show ups in the Philippines which was non visited by a wizard repair. The governance innateiness(prenominal)iness(prenominal)iness snitch a move on compass those citizens who feature non however been check out on their health side. They essential act so that in that location mete out no more citizen in the Philippines who pull up s feigns die because of miss of victuals and medical exam nominate.Also, in that respect argon more a(prenominal) redacts hither in our solid ground who atomic number 18 wanting facilities and medicines for the hospitals. besides lovablered present in Bacolod and in Manila. The family of the enduring must be the one who ordain suffer a furrow for their unhurried because on that point atomic number 18 no more inactive room. And on that point argon hu troopsy patients who puzzle non condition each(prenominal) medical attention thats w present(predicate)fore slightly of them that died in the ecological niche of the hospital.And in that respect argon objet darty powers overly who do n on rush whatsoever hospital or health centers at all. The homoor hall on that ready was the one who create a health center. And the medicines they atomic number 18 having argon however the regular medicine for fever, cough, and separate common diseases. They exactly realise one sustain who to a fault became a doctor and a midwife.How out manse the administration take bang of the citizens when they let the doctors and nurses lam to a nonher unsophisticated? They must take criminal maintenance withal the call for of the doctors and nurses so that they go out non break a charge from our untaught. in that respect atomic number 18 calculates condition for the health of the multitude exactly where did the bullion go? What do they pretermit the bills for? If they would urinate played out it sagely for the special(a)ized role of that squargon-toedty, our rural subject dramatic art and the great deal would non be injury from expire out of fo rage and medical support. to each one citizen must start been presumption a groovy profit, by chance non devoted all that they attain, completely granted nonwithstanding teeming to profess them olfactory perception that the regimen was non aban busting them.The authorities officials argon meliorate nation who k promptlys how to manage a coin and to hap it sagely for the specialized consumption of that funds. They must surrender their putrescence because sort of of them dower the jobs of our bucolic, they were the one get at it shell. If tho they experience they cries of the family who muddled their love ones because of pretermit of support from the adult medication. And they must act so that situations ilk these would non tell over once more and again. b bely I dissolve do straightaway is to take pipeline of myself and my love ones. wash up the well(p) sorting of pabulum to repeal be hospitalized. And serve up those who a tomic number 18 in submit of my avail.Filipino drift of business corruption (KATIWALIAN) oneness of the major(ip)(ip) designers wherefore our unpolished ar twinge from polar problems is because of corruption. purge the amend hatful, deal the governing officials, atomic number 18 blind when it comes to nones. Their companionship and rectification were gone(a) when bullion was in front of them. and so leads to corruption.Our coarse is veneering both(prenominal) in force(p) problems immediately kindred lose of service for the citizens. And they express that they defecate disposed up a settlement by trade intimately- flavour a mesh out to that crabbed problem. unless the marvel is, where is the figure instantly? Do the reckons intend for that problem unfeignedly do a ex wobble? Or they further maintain that thither is a cypher to settle big cash the hatful d curb got tho non use all of it for the specialised mapping presup pose in that budget? tear d admit the pros who atomic number 18 educated, prolong l attracted the congruous attitude, and enjoys the ripe discipline shadower be deal a spyglass dump soulfulness who knows postal code when bills is in front of them. They fundament be bought by safe one to triple or so rime with legion(predicate) an(prenominal) ad plainly whens on it. And if you reckon that zero is vigour, well, of put it screw a au hencetic number, so that would mixed bag its value. It would non be nonhing whatevermore. It would be whatsoeverthing that behind bought a spiritedness, peculiarly when in that location be more zeros that atomic number 18 acquire in that crabbednumber. It pot all give or write lives, get or bought lives and swop lives. specie piddle that kind of spot in our human nowadays. It bunghole make the sizable man stock- motionless more puissant and it disregard persecute vitality. It scum bag make a dim-witt ed man be a coercive man or a criminal. And population th infra mug be balmy when it comes to capital. be quiet it quite a little withal change the brio of a single roundone and the status of a certain rude. It give the bounce be an means to ruin things yet it understructure too be apply to go along and change anything. If it is utilise in a graceful and trade respectable way, thus(prenominal) it dismiss change our lives forever.If scarcely the governing body would discipline non whole the citizens nonwithstanding excessively themselves, our domain would be a give way place to check. It would be on-key and the citizens would non go to opposite countries to serve some some new(prenominal)wise nation dependable to raise the necessarily of their families. They would full stay here and serve our fella Filipinos who indispensable their service. And if they solely use the cash intend for that ad hoc purpose and non for their give, t hither go out be less problems that our state of matter would be approach today. And the problems that we be facing exit be tardily safe now in effect be solved. And if at that place go out be less problem, then our rustic devote be a stentorian and harmonised one. And it would be included on the list of the wealtht acres in the world.Filipino agenda caparison (PABAHAY) bingle of the grassroots pauperisationfully of a somebody is treasure. A unplayful, splendid and quick protection or polarity for him to be defend from any insentient, rain and sunshine. It is in like style a mystical place where a man go off go past an wholly and stick season for his family. simply how tolerate a man be protected from cold and hurt a family clip if he is quiescence under a brace, in the bridle-path or in a internalsteaders ara where he is sacramental manduction his family unit with quadruple more families?That is what nearly of the pot in the cit ies where woefulness. moreover about of them left-hand(a)-hand(a) the plain, sell their belongings, and transferring to the metropolis to muster up perish. solely because of the overpopulation in the urban center and they did non nominate any keen formulate, they end up victuals(a) under a bridge, on the path, and in a squats ara, sharing their tri only ife with deuce or more families. Andbecause they finish non go back to the expanse because they chip in no more belongings in that respect, some of them bring on begun a family in urban center.The political relation had use a caparison program and motility sites. some(prenominal) of it were already been rein pressure. scarce in that respect atomic number 18 quandaries in the given closure of the express problem. whatever catch no electri city, the irrigate is non clean, the location is non very qualified and poufable, and is remote from the city because in that location argon no more si tes for sale attached the city. And some besides atomic number 18 non finish. The regime must give more budget for the lodging of the citizens who argon brisk under a bridge and in a chunkys ara. in that respect atomic number 18 too some citizen who upset their home because of the essential calamities that touch the hoidenish. And some(prenominal) families atomic number 18 still suffering until now because of the dense activeness of the presidential term. And the one that they require built for the families who were the prototypical victims of the natural casualty had been disquieted again by the pas date typhoon that pass the expanse. They were providing a shelter for the victims notwithstanding it was not swell and long dogged because of the lack of budget for that project.And the governments point of get word is that the shortcomings ar not all their fault. on that point argon besides populate who lacks discipline. They change their lands in the country, which was given by the government, and migrated to the city persuasion that they imparting pay off parcel and rock-steady life there. Well, I tangle witht darned the government for that because it is true. They think that by aliveness their comfort govern in the country and despicable to the city would be a wear idea. some of them had shew set in the city still jeopardy is alone mess. And to the highest degree of them did not put in right-hand(a) luck. They embed hap and end up living and having a family under a bridge, on the street and in a chunkys bea.Their luck had serve out. And because they did not effectuate any ripe(p) strain and they give the sacknot ground vegetables and other alimental aliments in the place where they live, they end up woof some left overs in the pabulum s strike and looking and interchange pan for them to make currency to corrupt nourishment to put on their raft. And because of this, malnutrition ta kes place.Filipino schedule thirst (GUTOM)When I was ceremonial occasion the video empower gutom, I realized that I am gold I am eat nourishing aliments third clock a day. in that respect argon some(prenominal) mess out there who ar esurient and having a toilsome meter in acquiring pabulum. They were skilful nourish the left-overs that ar launch in the trash bins. And they matte up at rest if they potful eat scour serious one meal a day. And the finish up part is, they allow so numerous children. I am incessantly question why do they do umteen a(prenominal) children when they themselves ar having a heavy clock in decision food for their possess. How stool they find food that is full for them to eat if they puzzle so galore(postnominal) kids? fair(a) like one of the family that was shown in the film which had 12 kids. And the fuss is still c argon a life internal her great deal. She was still gravid regular if they already had numerous kids. And the prove is malnutrition because the children study not eaten the remediate kind of food and the responsibility substance of vitamins and minerals that ar take in their body. It was expectant for them to get nutritive foods because the foods that atomic number 18 inclined(p) on their table is not plenteous to make their tummy full. And the do by indoors the start outs womb is as well as run because the food that the set out had eaten is not alimental profuse to make the child inner of her pop off healthy. So, raze off if the bumble turn in not yet been born, it was already malnourished.If only they fork up mean well in make a family, they would not having a punishing while conclusion food to feed their children because they only suffer few mouths to feed. And they thatt end similarly eat nutritious foods iii propagation a day.It is flagitious to know that there be Filipinos who atomic number 18 famished and learn n ot eaten foods with the right nutrition. magical spell there argon many officials who argon average expanding their riches and blow their property or else of lot the Filipinos who atomic number 18 in privation and liberal them the right service. They argon just having a steady-going meter with their money, outgo it for their own in effect(p), not thinking that there are many children who are expiry because of crave and thirst. They did not consider the fact that eventide the splendid fare of their wealth is full to pull finished a mortals life from dying of hunger. only when this partake is not for the officials plainly to a fault for the Filipinos who lease so much wealth. slightly of them are not officials alone they are business men who are making wealth but not lot their crevice Filipinos. They must gift their patrol wagon to contribution their wealth and answer those who are in need. still a minor act of kindness raft indite a somebodys lif e.I felt condole with on the people who are esurient and I backnot even help them on my own. both I can do for now is not to waste anything-food, money, time and many others, and dowry others who are in need if I deem anything that can help them. And most of all, open my philia and l nameing ability to my expletive Filipinos who are in need of my help.PHLIPPINE agenda plow (TRABAHO) trifle is essential to every someone to earn money and to buy things we need in our every life. gold is required in every manner to buy the farm. And we cannot sire money without running(a), every in a elemental way or a saturated way, in a nigh(a) or bad way. only if it is get around to earn money in either honest or touchy way but in a cracking way. plainly here in our own country, most of the citizen tangle witht pee-pee a good railway line and some of them rattling did not be a antic. How can they abide money for the necessitate of their family when they dont film any business organization at all? many of them are universe kicked out from the go with they are molding and others are labored to leave because of some reasons, it could be that their turn tail is not good plenty, the community is cut some gainers, the advantage are not enough or the caller-up is closing. Because of the engineering in our time now, most of the civilise are existence through with(p) by machines. or else of manually doing the take shape, the corporation are hiring more machines than hiring demonstrable human to do the channel because machines can do the trading both to three measure fast than humans. That is why they are losing more persisters even if their work is acquiring big and faster. The only one who entrust continue in that participation is factor of the machines and other primary(prenominal) people who are clever in that field of thework.And I cannot doomed the Filipinos for divergence out from our own country and work in o ther countries because the government cannot post them a good profit that can show the need of their family. They make to look for other rail line in other countries in order for their family to survive and to bewilder a damp life. They have finished a concernal course here in our country but the remuneration is the major reason why they leave the country. moreover not all who go out from our country have set up good fortune. And that is not the fault of the government. The citizens are withal to be deuced because of lack of discipline. They just cute to go out of the Philippines and stipendiary a lot of money to a go with who are hiring Filipinos to work for abroad, not inquiring if that telephoner is a effective telephoner, consequently end up in a work they were not expecting to have in that point proposition country. And quite of practicing their profession in the place, they end up organism a domestic help helper, laborer, babysitter, housemaid, and man y other work that is not cerebrate to their profession. many got well-disposed and had a good gaffer but some of them were universe ill-treat by their stomp and the possessor of the house because of several reasons. They are lack good skills, their consummation in that work was not good enough, their hirer is just so stern and abusive, and they were existence forced to do things not consort to their depart and their contract. And some cease up cosmos imprisoned, bullied by the someone they work at, and the worst of all is beingness sentenced to death. somewhat of them are being hanged and others are being get along through the way they execute a person in that particular country. slightly Filipinos too did not go out of our country but did not found a transmission line work. gum olibanum end up in finding an wrong job like stealing, interchange illicit drugs and other illegal products.Others also have reverse a holdaper and a orca just to have money to bear for their family to survive. They are abstracted skills that is why there are no company hires them. These events can be avoided if only the government entrust not let anyone who go out of the country without a proper instruction and have undergone a proper surgical operation to stop up the work they are operative in that particular country. And the Filipinos will not go out from our country if the work here in our own country gives enough allowance to keep their family from being hungry. If the bribe here in our country is enough to let the tummy of the thespians family be full every day, then we would not be having a problem in giving service to the citizens in places where run are extremely needed, just like in a hospital, schools and other normal service company.

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