Friday, July 19, 2019

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Christians and Americans different from Japanese. But here too the core experiences were the same. There are obviously two sides of the story. One must look at both sides with careful eye and determine for they what they believe is true. This is where the idea of reincarnation comes in. Because it is 7 incorporated in so many religions, you find an answer to a question, which you truly want to know the answer to, and do not abandon your faith in doing so. Reincarnation is detected in many religions. Reincarnation is normally thought of as a Hindu philosophy and it is traced back to Hinduism, yet it can be found in Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism and in many more religions. In Judaism, reincarnation is known as Gilgul. Though it has a different name it has almost the exact same meaning. Gilgul was a dominant teaching in Judaism for over three hundred years. Cabala, a book of Judaism, which is often, studied by Rabbi’s, one of the holy books of the Jews which talks of reincarnation. Rabbi Steinsaltz (Cranston 181) is an authority on the Cabala. He states: According to Cabalistic doctrine, the Torah contains not only manifest but also hidden truths: the same transcendent God whom the Bible celebrates as supreme king and lawgiver is, from the mystical also an infinity of divine knight that exists as the foundation of every human beings soul. For me, every soul is an emanation or spark of the divine, and its ultimate purpose is to rejoin the God it came from.... I hope to demonstrate the secrets of the Cabbala-, which rationalistic Rabbi’s of the nineteenth century dismissed as dangerous magic-, are fully consonant with traditional Rabbinic Judaism. (181) 7 this view is also held by a large group of Orthodox Jews known as the Hasidim. Reincarnation is universally taught among them. On the other hand, the soul, its life and immortality are rarely mentioned in the Old Testament. There is also no direct denial of it either. In the Book of Job (14:14), Job plainly asks, â€Å" If a man dies will he live again?† but receives no answer. So in the Old Testament, reincarnation is not ruled out it is just not brought up as a major point in the book. On the other hand, if one were to look into the Bible, the question of like after death is brought up and answered.

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