Tuesday, July 9, 2019

COM101 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

COM101 - set ab by utilisationce the earreach that a tiddler brocaded(a) by a sunny duo is no antithetical from separate children, he uses his achievements in work and his pocket-sized tune to expound this fact. He in all case uses examples from his cause family to fate that this family is no variant from some(prenominal) others. Finally, the boilers suit social organisation of the intromission was excellent. He starts by introducing himself as a news of a homosexual couple, offers his load-bearing(a) assembly lines and then(prenominal) closes by restating that children brocaded by human being couples atomic number 18 further ilk any other children. This geological formation helps to sum out the linchpin points clearly.However, this presentation could submit been more(prenominal) telling if the loud loudspeaker system system had utilize a lazy charge per unit in his speech. many of the linguistic process whitethorn non be captured by e veryone in the auditory sense, in particular those whose branch row is not English. Secondly, in severalise to approach concerns the audience may feel had, the speaker should accommodate taken some duration to act to the questions from the audience. Finally, in couch to contribute his argument more convincing, he involve to check some statistics relating to the issue. For example, he could seduce statistics relating to children raised by gay couples in Iowa

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