Monday, July 29, 2019

Global warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Global warming - Research Paper Example The author has rightly presented that global warming refers to climate change that represents an increase in the average temperature of the Earth. It is defined as â€Å"increase in the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the Greenhouse Effect caused especially by pollution†. The definition explains the climate change, which is increase in average temperature of the planet. The climate change is linked with the Greenhouse Effect. The effect will be discussed in detail later, but the major element causing the effect is the amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the major component of the greenhouse gases. Therefore, a link can be drawn between climate change and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This relation was first discovered in a study explaining the Ice Ages. The outcome of the study suggested that the lower level of carbon dioxide gas might explain the Ice Ages. The major contributing scientists in establishing this relationship and predicting global warming were Arrhenius and Chamberlin. Arrhenius was the first to calculate the magnitude of the effect on global temperature in 1896 and bought up the possibility of future warming. The calculations were done mainly to explain Ice Ages and the possibility of global warming was not stressed upon. Furthermore, the idea was not widely accepted by scientists. This idea was revived in 1938, but was not widely accepted till early 1960s. ... It is, therefore, important that we know the cost of our lifestyle and the direction we are heading towards. 1.2 The issue is of prime importance as it relates to our home, earth. The degradation of the environment will ultimately affect us or our next generations in particular. The magnitude of the effect is increasing at an alarming rate and its consequences are beyond our wildest imagination. The issue came into limelight with rising sea level and in particular the melting of the polar caps. As we discover more we realize its importance. Every system on earth is interlinked and its consequences are widespread. Currently, the measures taken are inadequate and not at an international level. Any change in atmosphere or our environment affects complete earth and we all become sufferers for our collective actions. The world needs to unite to solve this issue and an international policy must be made to fight against global warming. Survival has always been the most important priority fo r any living organisms. The issue relates to the survival of our kind, but it is not given due importance which it deserves. 1.3 Without the atmosphere, the earth would be much colder, when related to the distance of our planet from the sun (Postma 2). In simple, earth is much warmer than it should be because of its atmosphere. It was first discovered by Tyndall in 1859 that gases can trap heat rays (Reville 1). The most important of these was simple water vapor. Carbon dioxide, though in very less quantity was also found to be very effective. This effect was later called â€Å"Greenhouse Effect†. The question arises; is Greenhouse Effect the main cause for global warming? This question forms the basis for this research paper and after

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