Thursday, July 25, 2019

Public argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Public argument - Essay Example As a result, there has been an increase in the size of the deserts in the world. Initially people would rely on rain-fed agriculture (Bredahl 26). However, this is not possible anymore. The seasons have become more unpredictable. In addition, some adverse weather conditions have been experienced in various parts of the world. These conditions have affected the ability of the current resources to sustain the increasing population†. †Genetically modified crops produce high yields. The crops have been genetically engineered in order to produce more produce that other crops. As a result, the crops can be used to fight the increasing levels of food insecurity in the world. The statistics indicate one person dies each day as a result of hunger. Therefore, the genetically modified foods can close this gap by ensuring that the world has adequate food to feed the current generation. As a community we need to be in the forefront in fighting hunger in the world. However, we cannot achieve this noble idea with the current production practices†. â€Å"The increased use of pesticides by farmers has created strains of pests that are resistant to the pesticides. This aspect is affecting the level of production by the farmers across the world. In addition, some pest causes some crop diseases which affect the productivity of the crops. Nevertheless, genetically modified crops have the ability to resist the pests, an aspect that plays a significant role in increasing the yields†. â€Å"According to Bredahl (31) genetically modified foods have high nutrient contents. Currently, the world is struggling with the increasing number of people suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases that are associated with obesity. This results from consuming foods with unbalanced nutrients value. Genetically modified foods close this gap by ensuring that the foods have the correct nutrient content.

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