Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Organizational Change in Policing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Organizational Change in Policing - Essay Example "Generally, with the expansion of complexities in the societal life, the public has gradually abdicated its role in peacekeeping and law enforcement and increasingly expected police to take on these responsibilities, which were once a citizen's civic duty (JOHN HOWARD SOCIETY)ii". Again, "Law enforcement agencies are in an era of change. The needs of communities and constituencies, rapid technological growth and enhancements, and the changing capabilities and structures of law enforcement organizations demand that agencies regularly examine and improve their ways of operation (Sewell, 2002)iii". that there is no needs of organizational changes while others advocate the sheer necessity of it. It is commendable that a particular system working once well may not be the same at the subsequent period. Thus, the organizational structure fit for a particular time may not suit the changed circumstances. Again, the overall situation is becoming more complex with the changing circumstances as including the rigid organizational structure. Complexities in the police organizations impede the well functioning in it. "A 1983 study that a surprise number of police officers have begun to voice strong objections to the rigid organizational structure and autocratic style management styles that typifies so much of law enforcement (Tafoya)iv". Manifold crimes, such as cyber crimes, cross-border crimes etc. are taking place. Commendably, the traditional method of policing cannot properly address the challenges of the present context. The existing mechanism of policing does not serve the purpose of making the police responsive to the public demand. The system also not contributes to create innovation among the officers, which is necessary for earning perfection in the profession. Again, the philosophical difference among the officers is another impediment in implementing better policing. Earlier, the law administrators and the officers were accustomed to the concept of coercion in the law enforcement activities while the law enforcement officers entering in the recent days do not comply with the rigorous principle of order or command. So, a conflict arises between the law enforcement personnel as well as the law administrators causing maladjustment in preserving the discipline among the officers. However, for the better sake of people, in curbing these crimes traditional mechanism of crime prevention in most countries has not been changed. Thus, organizational change has mostly been expected in the modern policing. Of course, there are certain consequences of organizational changes. The consequences may be that the current societal expectation does not suit with the changes. Thus, the society would be pressed with anarchy and injustices. Organizational changes are sure to affect both the organization and the members of it. However, the policies and strategies in the policing of the coming days warrant changes for radically experiencing

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