Friday, October 18, 2019

Innovating the process of Custom-made Thobe by the use of technology Essay

Innovating the process of Custom-made Thobe by the use of technology - Essay Example Being custom-made, the thobe is highly unique for each customer. This is particularly true in the recent years where the process of buying a thobe has changed from just having to choose a fabric and take the size measurements, to advanced levels of specialization that are inherent in the modern process. Today a customer has to choose the color, fabric material, sleeves, collar, number of pockets, design and button style. This whole new and continuously updated process expanded the thobe market, increased the number of thobe stores and designers, and most of all, increased the need to buy thobes more frequently. In addition, these differences in styles and colors forced each customer to buy more than double the number he usually buys each year. Now he can have a different style for every occasion: work, formal look, in house, family and friends. The customer must first select a place to make his costumed thobe. This is usually done by random selection or based on advertisements or recommendations from other people. The customer then picks the fabric material, fabric colors, as well as other details including button shape and size; the shop’s staff records these specifications manually. Next, the customer goes through the measurement process where a staff from the shop makes size measurements using a measuring tape. Finally, the customer makes a down payment. Each tailor shop operates independently and relies on its own resources. For example, each tailor shop has their own garments, fabric, and staff who take body measurements. There are also tailors who work on the orders in the production facility, and some shops have their own exclusive and branded designs. The body size measurement process can be very time consuming for customers, especially when there are a lot of them waiting their turn. In many cases, new customers know how long the process could take. Therefore, if there are a number of customers being served, they are most

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