Saturday, October 19, 2019

Nursing Theorist Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nursing Theorist - Research Paper Example With reference to the studies conducted by Tomey and Alligood (2002), it is noted that Florence Nightingale is one of the major theorist in the field of nursing and she is well known for her environmental theory, which stipulates that the environment surrounding an individual is a major determinant of the individual’s well-being or health status. According to Tomey and Alligood (2002), the main concepts related to the Nightingale’s theory stipulated that the environment comprises of all factors including social, psychological, and physical factors, and hence, an individual’s health can be maintained at a desirable status by controlling or influencing the surrounding environment. The other key concept of the Nightingale’s theory stipulates that nurses are fully responsible for controlling patients’ environment by providing them with balanced diet, clean surrounding, warmth, and even fresh air. With reference to the writings by Evelyn and Melanie (2002), it is stated that another notable contributor to the body of knowledge in the field of nursing is Virginia Henderson, who is best known for her theory on the nature of nursing. The Henderson theory states that the key role of a nurse is to assist an individual to perform activities that can contribute to his or her well-being or recovery from an illness or disability. One of the concepts under the Henderson’s theory is that the key role of a nurse is to help patients regain back their independence in terms of being self-reliant. Secondly, a nurse should be able to visualize or presume a patient’s plight so that he or she can know the true needs of the patient. In regards to Nightingale’s theory, the two main elements that stand out are the environment element and the role of a nurse in controlling the environment. These two elements are essential to my own

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