Monday, October 7, 2019

Enterprenureship and venture creation Coursework

Enterprenureship and venture creation - Coursework Example This is essential because of the utilization of local skills to enhance development strategies within the society (Macko and Tadeusz, 2009 P.469). Andy Harsley was a risk taker because he initiated a business by investing in the reusable polythene band used for tying up bin bags, cables or saplings. He also possesses the characteristic of being an opportunist for the identification of the market gap in the polyurethane industry. As a result, in the opportunity phases, Harsley was capable to discover than polyethylene straps were lacking in the market for tying up items. During the start-up of his venture, Harsley possess the trait of being optimistic for he knew that the business could strive for greater heights. Q3. How did her identified skills/characteristics if any help Karen Lowthrop succeed and pursue her idea/vision? If you do not feel any entrepreneurial talent was exhibited, please make your argument accordingly Karen Lowthrop’s success to pursue her vision depended on her passion to conserve the environment. This skill was instrumental because it assisted her to be a social entrepreneur whose intention was geared towards helping the entire society. This is an entrepreneurial skill because it facilitated the creation of employment to others and sustained societal development. Entrepreneurial styles are numerous because people invest in different areas that require independent abilities and skills. This implies that the nature of the business shall determine the entrepreneurial style to adopt. An intrapreneur is a person who manages and utilizes resources within a large firm by not incurring risks related with those activities. They use the resources provided by an organization to generate creativity and enhance sustenance of the firm. In this regard, intrepreneurs are people who employ the resources of an organization to come up with entrepreneurial activities (Macko and Tadeusz, 2009 P.

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