Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Death of a Salesman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Death of a Salesman - Essay Example His son is yet to make something constructive about his life. Willy is scolded by Linda because he is being critical and head to the kitchen to get a snack. Whilst in the kitchen, Biff and Happy, his younger brother who was also visiting recalls about their adolescent lives and also debate their fathers behaviors which includes his criticism of Biff not living up to their fathers expectations and his mental degeneration. As their father Willy enters the room angry with them because of not achieving anything in life, Happy and Biff confides in Willy that Biff intends to establish a business preposition the following day in order to appease him (Miller, 2007). The following day, Willy asks his boss for a job transfer whilst his son Biff goes ahead to make his business proposition. Neither of them is successful in their missions. Willy gets devastated and eventually gets fired when the boss orders him that he needs a rest and he is no longer competent to stand for the company. On the ot her hand, his son Biff waits for centuries to have a word with his former employee who turns him down because he cannot remember him. Being frustrated, Biff goes to Charley’s office his neighbor and bumps into Bernard Charley’s son who is a prominent lawyer. Willy, Biff and Happy meet in a restaurant for dinner. Willy does not want to hear any bad reports from Biff. Happy persuades Biff to lie but he goes ahead and explains to his father what actually happened which makes their father very angry. Biff gets frustrates and leaves the restaurant. He gets escorted by his younger brother Happy and some two girls picked up by Happy. Willy is left in the restaurant upset and confused. On their arrival at home, they are confronted angrily by their mother for abandoning Willy, their father. Outside, Willy keeps talking to himself. Biff gets touched and goes outside in order to reconcile with his father Willy. In their discussion, there occurred some arguments making Bill to tel l his father that he is not worth for anything great. In addition to that, he insists that he and his father are simply ordinary. The argument ends when Biff and Willy hugs while shedding tears and telling his father to let go the dreams that are unrealistic and instead accept him the way he is. He declares to his father that he really loves him so much. Instead of listening to what Biff utters to him, Willy acknowledges that his Son Biff has reconciled with him and now satisfied that Biff will pursue businessman as his lifetime career. Intentionally, Willy murders himself by crashing his car. The main reason for the murder is for Billy to utilize the life insurance cash to open up his business. On the contrary, Bill at his father’s funeral claims that he can never become a businessman. His young brother, Happy on the other hand, decides to follow the footsteps of his father. The most significant themes in the play are such as abandonment, the pursuit of an elusive American D ream and betrayal. From the American Dream theme, Willy whole heartedly believes in the American Dream promise. For example, he believes that a personally attractive and well liked man in any business automatically acquires the modern American lifestyle material comfort it offers. Unfortunately, Willy interpretation of the American dream is extremely superficial. This is because; he dislikes Bernard childishly as he perceives him as a nerd. As such, his blinded interpretation of the American Dream makes his psychological mind to rapidly decline when he is

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