Thursday, June 13, 2019

Written response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Written response - Essay ExampleThe author relates this to the natural thought of caring that man and women develop in terms of provision of basic needs. According to Noddings females have a high instinct of caring especially in the way they take cover of their children (Noddings N. , 1989). In addition to this, men also develop some sense of caring by the fact that they are the breadwinners in their families.Noddings is keen to assure us that caring involves two parties. The company that gives the care and the party that receives the care. According to Noddings caring will only be relevant if the party given the care accepts the care and provides a positive feedback. On the contrary I believe that someone can show care and be neglected. This does non mean that the care provided is unethical. However, I cannot rule out the fact that some people show caring that are unethical due to the type of alliance established. For this reason I chose to agree with Noddings that ethical momen ts falls on how we respond to the intuition on what is right and what is wrong. This means that our interpretation of what is right and wrong determines whether the care we give or receive is ethical. The author further clarifies that there is a difference between caring for and caring some. She suggests that caring about is more common than caring for and therefore needs more attention. Moreover, the author argues that caring about plays the major role of establishing our sense of justice. The author affirms this by saying this, Those who care about others in the justice sense must keep in mind that the objective is to ensure that caring actually occurs. Caring-about is empty if it does not culminate in caring relations (Noddings, 1984).Noddings believe that our sense of morality creates the difference in which we pay attention to human beings and brutes. The close proximity that one enjoys with his friend and animal determines how we care about each other. Noddings believe that

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