Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Print Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Print Advertising - Essay ExampleSeveral propaganda devices argon used in the ad including glittering generality and band wagon appeals. Glittering generality sets the light bulb up as a preferred method of cut back energy use and conserving the environment without sacrificing personal comfort. However, very little information about this light bulb or the technology behind it is actually shared. Instead, consumers are directed to visit a website that presumably gives them this information. Band wagon appeals are made when the suggestion is inferred that everyone is making the switch, such as Ashley, who is pictured in the ad as being just an ordinary woman with a satisfying solution to a difficult problem. I am actually relatively immaterial about the ad. Initially, I found it very attractive because of its use of color. The light blues and greens pulled at me and made me feel comfortable and at home. The favourable look on the womans face and her desire to share her new discovery with me appealed to my emotions and made me want to like the ad itself. However, as I looked over it in greater detail, I learned that it was offering an energy efficient halogen bulb, which, in my personal experience, generates a high level of ambient vex and is therefore not a good option. I also felt resentful that the ad provided me with no real information about the product and manipulated when I found myself going to the website. Thus, cognitively, I did not like the ad and would probably not buy the product.

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