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Describing Different Types Of Environment Environmental Sciences Essay

Describing Different Types Of Environment Environmental Sciences EssayIn our surround there is living and nonliving things which ar together form intent. Hydrosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere are the component of the environs that surrounds us. Hydrosphere, the wet surround that consists of water supply, covers most of footing surface.Sea, rivers, lakes and under surface water are all aquatic environment. Land or what is bided geosphere composed of deserts, mountains, hills and level lands. Atmosphere is around the earth and consists of gases such as hydrogen, atomic number 8, nitrogen etcetera The interaction of all these make up a livable surround with unique properties that correlates organisms.Not all environments suitable to us. Deserts even cold or hot ones do not correlate individuals. However about organisms live in these environments because they stimulate extra adaptation to their environment. To us, we the universe, prefer to live in cities where comfortabl e civilization life. However separates dont prefer that because of the crowed, noise, and pollution that emerge from humans activities. They used to live in villages where more green lands, immanent landscapes, and more quiet than cities.To divide environments sorts we female genitalia mention 3 kinds of environments Natural, industrial, and social environment.Natural environmentInclude water, light, land, air and all organisms that live in nature.Industrial environmentInclude cities, villages, factories and all humans synthesis.Social environmentInclude authorities, universities, schools, companies and other establishments along with their output legal and their communication ways.The future tense of the environment is in dangerHuman made environment standard for the acquisition of the bulk of the land and it is essential resources and resources of crude, instead of improving the earth and know how to utilization it they attrition the land resources and depreciation capacity o rehabilitate themselves and make up for lost natural environment cannot in any way to adapt to the devastation caused by human, and cannot mechanisms of years of natural cope with waste and depletion of resources and polluting it is vital.The effects of the present inequity in appearance and shone on the horizon the alarm uncle everywhere in the world, and suffered all either from a decline in production and the abundance of food, as a result of the growing stunning in population, water shortages and pollution of water sources, or from air pollution and climate change due to development industrial and energy use, without concern, which has increased the proportion of harmful and toxic gases in the atmosphere such as oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, high temperature of the earth, which are threatened with drowning if the melted drinking glass of the Arctic. And the body of this in the spread of poverty, famine, unemployment, disease, degradation of natural resources of the planet. He re exploded question filled the world, north and south, about the capacity of the land and the environment on probability, and the continuing rights in the ignore for its self-destruction for himself and his children and grandchildren and to the earth.What the differences between the unfermented environment and old environment ?(environment in the past and nowadays )There is a split up of (are many differences) differences between the new environment and the old one. First of all, the old environment could be very difficult and simple (in the past the life was simple, entirely it had a difficult way to live) . For example, how tidy sum was lived in that environment They lived in the tents and they have not any electronic machines, like a computers, televisions, telephones, dish washers and race machines. They lived in a simple life without any problems about food or clean clothes. (For example they can cook by fire). Also they can clean their clothes by their hands. In the past , there is no cars they move by animals, like camels or horses. Its hard to get anything by yourself, people should facilitate each other.On the other hand, the new environment thats where we live now, its more easily and comfortable. Now a days after they discover the oil, people have a lot of electronic machines and can benefit them in many ways. For instance, the computer can help everybody to finish their works or research for a lot of things, like news or weather. Generally, people was very happy in this life. Which is making their life more easier and faster.Finally, I cant say that people who live currently in this time are better than the others. In this life every time is different from another. Maybe people in the future give be better than us. Reasons of Environmental pollutionDay by day, we are looking at pollution, but we cannot solve this problem. Many people do not keep the environment healthy, because they do not have any responsibility about our environment so many pollutions residues leave unhealthy life and spread out diseases. In this essay, I get out show you any(prenominal) examples of pollution.First of all, there are many people throw plastics in parks, streets, water, etc. While, plastic is the most dangerous material from other pollution. For instance, the disadvantage for plastic cannot be Disintegrates until millions years. Then it go forth be lagging material under the land, so the water cannot pass inside the land (abdominal water). Unfortunately most of markets or shops use plastics for baskets or use like bags for customers and do not care for Recyclable, so they throw it in every ware. For example, Ajman supermarket and some other markets contribute the plastics bags like a gift, so they help to damage the environment without knowing. In addition, all of us have to protect our environment honestly and think how to solve plastics problems to live in beautiful earth.Furthermore, the water pollution are also keep pollutio n environment such as when people throw the rubbish inside waters thence all sea animals will die, for they will eat some dangerous chemical material. Next, some countries prefer to cause chalet or Industrial Islands near the sea, it is fantastic and nice landscape, while it is affect for waters into bad environment. In fact, all sea animals need to quietly place and clean water, so when we use some chemical material or put sands to kind island, its help all animals to immigrate to another quiet and clean place, or kill them before immigration. Moreover, sometimes the petrol will leakage from steamship into the oceans, and it will make lagging layer above the water then the atomic number 8 will never receive under the water, so all sea animals will asphyxiates and will die. Finally, if we are ignore the water to clean it and keep it healthy, all sea animals will be endangered, so we have to keep our water environment healthy to feel comfortable.Meanwhile, the land pollution is on e of dangerous pollutions in our life. Firstly, the most pollution resource in the world is human, because they can control the earth in every ways either is healthy earth or dirt environment. Secondly, when we buried all rubbish under the earth, it will invent new dangerous diseases for people in every run. However, if we burned the rubbish or use the explosives in war, it will affect for the air and it is possible to pierces the ozone layer, so it will make the air pollutions. To summarize, all detonations and rubbish make bad healthy, so you have to cede these dangerous material.In conclusion, we have to find the solutions for these pollutions to be wonderful environment.The relation among organismsThe study of the environment related to on studying the relation between its elements and how do they affect each other, so the environment creates a skirt where the life exists and mutual bonds appear in a very unique form.The relation between organisms is the most important relatio n that occurs in any oddball of environment. Furthermore, this relation consists of combined processes that start with specific element and end up with another element. For example, the food chain among organisms starts with self feeding organisms such as plants then herbivores, organisms that eat plants, and finally it end up with carnivores, organisms that eat the herbivores. This complex relation happen by nature, so it is innate that why I always call this relation the battle of existence.Another type of relation that takes place in the environment is the relation between the organisms and the environmental components. For instance, the environment that suffers from food shortage, dehydration and oxygen depletion has no life. As a result, the surrounding that encompasses all the biological factors, such as water, air and food, is very important for survival.Human did create a special relation with the environment since the Stone Age. For example, people utilize the environmenta l resources to create their own lifestyle. The use of the animals skins to make a fashionable clothes and the use of plants wood, mountains stones to build their own houses with a beautiful designs. All these represent the vital bond between human and the environment.Environment is a commonly used word that is related to the living beings components and other components and how they interact together, in order to exist. It regulates the relationship between these lifes components. Human being is one important component of the environment it is related to the other parts of the environment in how he or she adapts to live within the different environmental conditions for example climate, water, food in addition to the society. As a result, to talk about environment, it can be summarized in the middle that the living beings live in and how they interact in this middle and together.As the previous mentioned, and with friendship to human being effect on environment as one component of t he environment, he or she plays a very important role in develop, create, rebuild and remake the natural environmental resources such as agriculture, manufacturing and so on,The natural environment or the basic one is a complete organisation in other word for example the color of the sea water is a reflection of the sky color another example is the volume of oxygen in a place is related to the volume of plants and woods in this place. These instances describe the beauty of our mother the environment.The differentiation in earths environment creates different types of divisions. For example, water environment has its own world. From the living beings those live in passing by its climate areas which affect in the type of the living beings that exist there make to the effect of this environment on other types of environments. The same example can be put in land environment and air spheres one.Solutions for pollution1* we can use the solar energy instead of energy generated because a solar energy is free from pollution and it can save the environment from it.2*we must to reduce from forest fires it can help us to keep our environment from pollution.3*we should to build the factories out of city and away from people.4*Its not allowed to throw the waste in the sea specially the waste oil its very bad and harmful for view of the sea.5* devout way to reduce from pollution is to grow a lot of trees in the city .They can get fresh air and moves us away from pollution.6*put filters in our cars to reduce from pollution.7*we should also to reduce from use the plastic its very bad and it can make pollution in environment.

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