Monday, June 10, 2019

The case of John du point Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The case of John du point - Essay ExampleUpon arrival at Schultzs residence, he found Schultz training at the wrestling facilities that du Pont had decorate up in his estate. Schultz greeted his boss from where du Pont returned by asking him whether he had any problem with him. After this brief exchange, it is reported that du Pont pointed his 44-caliber revolver towards Schultz and shot him thrice, once at the arm and twice at his chest. This resulted in the instant death of David Schultz. A key witness to this act was Schultz wife, Nancy Schultz, who rushed out of the house upon hearing the eldest natural gas shot and upon arrival at the scene, she saw du Pont trigger his last shot at the already lying Schultz. It is also reported that du Pont also pointed the gun at her as well as at his bodyguard, Patrick Goodale after the shoot-out (Fersch, 2005, p. 151).After John du Pont had completed the act, he retreated to his large mansion where he fatigued the next 48 hours in an atte mpt to avoid being caught by the police. Inside his mansion, he had access to his large gun collection and other armories that he had acquired over his powerful years. The two-day standoff at his Foxcatcher Farm ended after he was lured outside by the police in order to make insurance to the houses heating system which had tactically been switched off by the police. John du Pont was finally apprehended on 28 January, 1996, and his case opened in order to pave a way for investigations and subsequent trial.The case implicating John du Pont to the murder of David Schultz started on 9 February, 1996 after the trial court ordered a competency exam of the appellant. The competency examination was completed on 9 September 1996 concluding that John du Pont was incompetent to proceed with the trial. This resulted in John du Pont being remanded to the Norristown State infirmary where he underwent treatment. John du Pont was found to be competent for procession to trial in December, 1996, an d thus his trial

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