Monday, June 17, 2019

Reading and Writing about Arguments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reading and Writing about Arguments - Essay ExamplePeople should always call of media as a place you can get information like reading an online news root word, or report listening. Unfortunately, most people have confined abilities to post their thoughts with such matters. Some of the fond media web lays of bookmarking include Blink list, Simpy, and Delicious. Social news website includes Propeller, Digg, and Reddit. The genial news site interacts by commenting and voting for articles. Social networking websites include Facebook, Twitter, and Whattsup. The site interacts by adding friends, joining groups, and discussing issues (Rubinstein, Eli, and Jane 98). Among the companionable websites listed, many people are using social networks such as Tumbler, Twitter, and Facebook. Since net income rapidly propagates, the social network has also progressed. The internet makes the life convenient and faster. With the advancement in technology, people are using Smartphones, and iPhones to access the internet with much ease. Accessing the social network, helps users to contact families, friends, and others living outlying(prenominal) away. If non properly used social networks can be easily abused. It is therefore important to regulate and understand the importance of social media for young children. The paper therefore, argues on how the negative impact of social networks outshines the positive effect. It is true that the social network has been abused that is why their limitations are so advanced. Social network oddly Twitter and Face book is addictive. It has always been believed that alcohol and drugs are more addictive than the addiction of social networks. This is far from the truth. Whether the users are trawling news feed, uploading photos, or board a comment. There is no shortcut in wasting time on social networks (Qualman 53). Youths login into their accounts after every single minute, and this has become a clothe among young people. In the United Ki ngdom clinics are diagnosing thousands of addicts in a year (Rubinstein, Eli, and Jane 13). The researchers have found that features such as likes and retweets raise the feel-good chemicals of the brain. When the users escape endorsements they provoke anxiety and anger. People using the social network do not recognize it as a problem. According to Mr. White a psychologist believes that social network only becomes a problem when it starts interfering with the life of a person. Therefore, I feel social media pose a threat of addiction to others which is not good. Social networking can cause physical and mental disorders to users. Other people argue that social media is healthy because users persona their feelings and thoughts easily. That through social media, people connect, and share feelings (Rubinstein, Eli, and Jane 23). This is misleading because, there is no physical meeting. Therefore, its useful impact is very minimal to the parties. According to the study conducted by Niel sen, participating in a social network is harmful. This is because in social media, cases of bullying are rampant. A phenomenon called Face book envy which assumes that the life of online friends is better than the others (Qualman 34). Young people with problems of mental health, social media can easily exacerbate the condition. The stigma experience and online negativity from the online friends because they admit their depression or contact other problems. Also in ages when devices to access internet are everywhere, face to face meeting is fading away as people have resorted to meet screen to screen

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