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Organization An Important Management Decision

Organization An Important counseling Decision match to question 1, it required to give the reasons of selecting computing device hardw be and bundle program for the shaping an primal focussing decision. It also required to domain out the management, face, and engineering science issues that should be considered when selecting calculator information processing governing body computer hardw atomic number 18.A data processor is a programmable machine that accepts input, stores and manipulates data, and stands output in a useful format. A figurer is made up of combination of two components, which is hardwargon and packet. Both components are important and have its profess functions and meaningful usages. The simplest definition of hardware is the affair which we foot touch and software governing body is the thing which we fuck non touch solely however feel.Computer hardware is the physical the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computing device carcass. Examples computer hardware are Central Processing unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), hard disks, CD-ROM Compact phonograph record Read-Only Memory), keyboards, mice, printers, modem, router, and etc.Computer software is the detailed instructions that control the unconscious process of a computer system. Computer software is divided into two major types of software, which is system software and finishing software. System software is a embed of ecumenicized programs that manage the computers resources, such as CPU, communication links, and peripheral devices. Examples of system software are Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, BIOS software, Device Diver Software, and etc. natural covering software describes the programs that are written for or by users to apply the computer to a specific task. Examples of application software are, Microsoft Word, Mozilla Firefox, E-mail software, groupware, and etc.CUsersSunny Chen-MunDesktopFigureFigure 1. jpgFigure 1 Computer hardware (Examples only)CUsersSunny Chen-MunDesktopFigureFigure 2.jpgFigure 2 Computer software (Examples only)Answer (Question 1)Nowadays, some of the greatest schemes are use the computer engineering science and had implemented their own IT (Information Technology) subdivision(s). They washstandnot neglect the powerful and creative of its IT department(s) which brings their patronage towards success. Examples of organizations are Apple Inc., FedEx, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and etc. Hence, IT is now faultfinding to an organizations success, so it is important that an organization should uses the computer engineering in its daily avocation routine and the computer hardware and software meets the require of the organization. The jitneys and/or IT employees must have the understanding of the role of computer hardware and software in the decisions that promote organizational performance and productivity.The computer components, either hardware devices or software, are now updating and improving its engineering science frequently and speedy, and thusly acted its determine are rising. The computer hardware and software cost a lot of coin in an organization. Therefore, it is very important that the IT department of an organization should choose and buy the most appropriate and cost-effective computer hardware and software.While selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective computer hardware and software, it also requirements to be fitly powerful to meet the demands of the ongoing users and future unpredictable increasing of users demand. Therefore, expand dexterity and scalability of the computer hardware and software needs to be carefully planned and considered.Selection and use of computer hardware and software engineering science can have a deep w totall(a)yop on business performance. Computer hardware and software represent important organizational assets that must be managed appropriately. The most important issues i n managing computer hardware and software technology assets are understanding the new technology requirements for electronic mercantilism and digital firm, determining the total cost of technology assets, and determining whether to own and hold open technology assets or use planetary technology military service providers for an organization.Managers and IT specialists need to pay attention to the computer hardware capacity planning and scalability. Capacity planning is the process of predicting when a computer hardware system becomes saturated. Capacity planning ensures that the organization has enough computing power for its current and future needs. Business managers need to go over congenial levels of computer response time and availability for the organizations mission-critical systems to maintain the level of business performance they expect. New applications, mergers and acquisitions, and changes in business volume all meeting computer workload and must be considered w hen planning hardware capacity. Scalability refers the ability of a computer, product, or system to expand to serve a sizable number of users without breaking down. Organizations must make sure they have sufficient computer processing, transshipment center, and network resources to handle their business databases and to make it available online constantly. Hence, not affect their daily business routine or the availability for users demand.The procure and maintenance of computer hardware and software is but one of a series of cost components that managers must consider when selecting and managing computer hardware and software technology assets. The total cost of ownership (TCO) model can be used to analyze these direct and indirect costs to help organizations determine the actual cost of specific technology implementations. TCO designates the total cost of owning technology resources, including initial purchase costs, the cost of hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, techn ical foul support, and training. It is realistic to reduce some of these administration costs through better management. Organizations can reduce their TCO through greater centralization and exemplarization of their computer hardware and software resources. They also can reduce the size of the information systems stave required to support their infrastructure if the organization minimized the number of antithetic computer models and pieces of software that employees are allowed to use. When TCO can be cut, computers might depict up to several times worth the original purchase price of the equipment.Another important management decision when selecting computer hardware and software was to determine whether to own and maintain technology assets or use immaterial technology service providers for an organization. Nowadays, umteen a(prenominal) another(prenominal) organizations are obtaining their computer hardware and software technology from external service marketers. That i s because it importantly sixpennyer and can saved dozens of costs in maintaining and administrating.One of the popular external service vendor is online Storage Service Provider (SSP) is a third-party provider that rents out storage space to subscribers over the nett, allowing customers to store and access their data without having to purchase and maintain their own storage technology.Application service provider (ASP) is a bon ton providing software that can be rented by other companies over the Web or a private network. ASP not just helps an organization to save cost of software purchases and updates, there may be benefits allows the organization to focus on marrow business issues instead of technology challenges. value computing model of computing in which organizations pay only for the IT resources they genuinely use during a specified time period. It also on-demand computing or usage-based pricing. Again, utility computing model helps to save cost of computer hardware and software of an organization.Moreover, when selecting computer hardware, it is very important that an organization should consider management, organization, and technology issues. In management issues, selecting computer hardware technology for the organization is a key business decision and it should not be left to technical specialists alone. General Managers should understand the capabilities of various computer processing, input, and storage, options, as comfortably as price versus performance relationships. They should be involved in hardware-capacity planning technology asset management, decisions to distribute computing, downsize, or use network computers.In organization issues, computer hardware technology can either enhance or impede organizational performance. Computer hardware selection should consider how fountainhead the technology meshes with the organizations culture and structure as well as its information processing requirements.In technology issues, IT today is no t limited to computers but must be viewed as an array of digital devices networked together. Organizations have many computer processing options to choose from, including mainframes, workstations, PCs, and network computers, and many different ways of configuring hardware components to build systems.Conclusion (Question 1)In conclusion, selecting computer hardware and software for the organization an important management decision to amend business performance and productivity, while reduces the wasting cost for unnecessary aspects. some(prenominal) reasons are new computer components costs lots of money, IT is now critical to an organizations success, so the computer components must meets the needs of the organization, and the computer components needs to be sufficiently powerful to meet the future increasing of users demand.When selecting computer hardware and software, the managers and IT specialists of an organization need to understand the new technology requirements for elec tronic commerce and digital firm, to determine the total cost of technology assets, and to determine whether to own and maintain technology assets or use external technology service providers for an organization.In addition, good decisions for selecting computer hardware and software make a business grow. Bad ones will burns organizations business money and investors money. When these money is gone, the business will fail.Question 2If you were a manager in a company that operates in many countries, what criteria would you use to determine whether a new system should be developed as a spherical application or local application? Why?Introduction (Question 2)According to question 2, it required to state out and explains the reasons of the criteria that use to determine whether a new system should be developed as a orbiculate application or local application, if I am a manager in a company that operates in many countries.A orbiculate application is a computer system that able to oper ate across subject boundaries, political, orbicular companionship base, world cultures, law and legal systems, religions, spherical environmental, social expectations, languages and etc. While a local application is reversion of global application, it concentrates and operates locally or within a company only. conquer that I am a manager of The Coca-Cola Company which operates in many countries, I would suggest for the new system should be developed as a global application.CUsersSunny Chen-MunDesktopFigureFigure 3.jpgFigure 3 Coca-Colas logoCUsersSunny Chen-MunDesktopFigureFigure 4.jpgFigure 4 Products by The Coca-Cola CompanyAnswer (Question 2)Nowadays, many locate companies will be replaced by fast- base networked corporations that transcend national boundaries. The value of imports and exports from all nations companies has risen to almost several trillion dollars annually. Therefore, the takings of The Cola-Cola Company should be also parceled out to a number of differe nt countries. The globe application would help the company in manufacturing, output signal, and operations management. It also enables to implement commonplace supply chain management software or enterprise software to coordinate global manufacturing processes and supply chains.The major criteria that the new system should be developed in globe application are the ontogenesis of cheap world(prenominal) communication and transport has renderd a world culture with perpetual expectations or norms, and political perceptual constancy and a growing global familiarity base that is widely overlap contribute also to the world culture. These criteria create the condition for global market, global production, coordination, distribution, and global economies of scale.A business number one wood is a force in the environment to which businesses must respond and that influences the heed of the business. The global business drivers can be divided into two groups, which are general cultu ral factors and specific business factors. Easily recognized general cultural factors have driven internationalistization since World War II. Information, communication, and cargo ships technologies have created a global village in which communication (through telephone, television, radio, or computer network) around the globe is no more difficult and not frequently more expensive than communication down the block. The cost of moving goods and services to and from geographically dispersed locations has fallen dramatically.The development of global communications has created a global village in a second consciousness A global culture created by television, the Internet, and other globally share media such as movies now permits different cultures and peoples to develop common expectations about right and wrong, desirable and undesirable, heroic and cowardly. The collapse of the Eastern bloc has speeded the ontogenesis of a world culture enormously, increased support for capitali sm and business, and reduced the level of cultural conflict considerably.Another criterion what should be considered is the growth of a global knowledge base. Nowadays, Latin America, China, India, Southern Asia, and Eastern europium have developed powerful educational, industrial, and scientific centers, go forthing in a much more democratically and widely distributed knowledge base. Hence, more and more citizen has the knowledge of using computer technology and networking, better languages understanding, and more. This will enhance the meets of able quality of labor force, which can fit in the companys computer system easily and quickly, and then improve the productive and employee performance.These general cultural factors jumper cable toward internationalization result in specific business globalization criteria that affect most industries. The growth of powerful communications technologies and the emergence of world cultures create the condition for global markets. spheric al consumers interested in consuming like products that are culturally approved. Therefore, products of The Coca-Cola Company would be fit into global markets easily.Global production and operations have emerged with precise online coordination between far-flung production facilities and central headquarters thousands of miles away. Managers or employees of the company do not need to travel a long distance for business coordination, meetings, and any management operations. By this way, it reduces the employees travels fees and save times. In addition, the transportation fees of global shipping companies are quite low compared to the recent years. This helps reduced the cost of exporting companys products to many far distance of countries.The new global markets and pressure toward global production and operation have leaded towards whole new capabilities for global coordination of all factors of production. Not only production but also accounting, marketing and sales, kind resource s, and systems development (all the major business functions) can be coordinated on a global scale.Global markets, production, and administration create the conditions for powerful, sustained global economies of scale. Production driven by worldwide global demand can be concentrated where it can best be accomplished, fixed resources can be allocated over large production runs, and production runs in larger plants can be scheduled more efficiently and precisely estimated. trim cost factors of production can be exploited wherever they emerge. The result is a powerful strategic advantage to organizations that can organize globally using global application. These general and specific business drivers have significantly improved world trade and commerce.Moreover, when determining the new system should be developed as a global application, it is very important that an organization should consider management, organization, and technology issues.Managers are responsible for devising an ap propriate organizational and technological framework for international business. Choosing a global business strategy, identifying core business process, organizing the firm to conduct business on an international scale, and selecting international information system architecture are key management decision.In organization issues, culture, political, and language diversity magnifies differences in organizational culture and standard operating procedures when companies operate internationally. These differences create barriers to the development of global informational systems that transcend national boundaries.The main technology decision in building international system is finding a set of workable standard in hardware, software, and networking for the firms international information systems infrastructure and architecture. The Internet and intranets are increasingly used to provide global connectivity and serve as a foundation for global systems, but many companies still need propr ietary system for certain functions, and , therefore, international standard.Conclusion (Question 2)In conclusion, the new system of The Coca-Cola Company would be the most appropriate developed as a global application. The criteria that should be considered were widen the company would increase the profits, the growth of cheap international communication and transportation has created a world culture with stable expectations or norms, and political stability and a growing global knowledge base that is widely shared contribute also to the world culture. The global application also helps in online coordination, meetings, and any management operations, which reduces employees travels fees and save times. Overall, it improves the productivity and business performance of the company.

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