Friday, April 26, 2019

Drug Addiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drug Addiction - Essay ExampleThey crave for the drug so much that they advise do anything they could to get a pane for them to relax. For those who are addicted they will continue taking the drugs tear down after realizing the harm it has on their body. (Amusable, 2008)The risk factors of drug dependence are common as for the other(a) condition. Risk factors include family history of addiction where it is usually common on the families that had prior addiction onwards the current case. In addition, addiction of drug is dominant in males than female according to statistics. Stats show that the addiction in male is two folds compared with their counterparts. Peer pressure is alike a contri exclusivelying factor. This according to stats is seen broadly in the young people trying to fit in their social stratum. After the first fundament into drug abuse, the body develops a tolerance with time and eventually dependence.Drug addiction is a physiological forge on its own. It is a physiologic process, because, it does not just happen at once but develops slowly and in sequential stages. Dopamine is the main hormone that is involved physiologically in the process of drug addiction. Drugs such as cocaine, morphine, and alcohol alter the pathway of dopamine. The first dose taken by an individual has no big effect. Additional drug abuse cause tolerance effect and shortly the level of dopamine increase and consequently cause a feeling of being happy. Continuous judicial system of drugs also has a sensitization effect on the extracellular cells. So when an individual has reduced, or the dose reduce in the blood also the happiness causing hormone, dopamine, also goes down and the craving also start to go back to normal. The drugs taken tend to increase dopamine and when withdrawn the level of this dopamine dwindle and the cycle repeat itself. This cycle is what is known as drug addiction (Hanson, 2005).Will originator to withdraw from drugs is most a time futile . The physiologic development of regulation effect

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