Friday, September 27, 2019

You can choose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

You can choose - Essay Example One would say that the most impressive of Chen’s paintings, which can be considered the centerpiece of her exhibition at the White Lotus Gallery, is Turtles Marching, put on display on July 27, 1997. Seemingly based on a variety of impressively designed, individual black and white colors can be said to be extremely exquisite and this is mainly because of the fact that it appears, from a distance, to have been made of wood block. One look at Turtles Marching and one comes to the conclusion that the painter is an accomplished ink painter who has specialized in two media, namely woodcuts and ink painting, and this can be seen to have become inextricably linked within the painting. What can be considered to be one of the best known artworks in the modern world is Chen Haiyan’s Turtles Marching. It can be said to be a depiction of how the ideal world would be; where human life and nature would coexist in harmony. This painting is deemed to be one of Chen’s supreme masterpieces whose proper meaning can be considered to be subject to speculation. While it can be said to be just a regular painting, there also seems to be a deeper meaning behind it, perhaps even a criticism of the way in which the China (being the artist’s home country) handles its environmental issues. The topic of the painting, namely the turtles, leaves the impression on the observer of struggling to get to their destination, namely, the water. It shows the sheer determination which the turtles have to make sure that they get to the water; the image of a man watching them is perhaps a symbol of how man interferes in the set course of nature. This scene can keep people intere sted in the painting for a long time, as each attempt to decipher its true meaning. Turtles Marching is a union of traditional elite artistic qualities with a uneven local quality,

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