Tuesday, September 24, 2019

OM8021 Literture review concept map Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

OM8021 Literture review concept map - Essay Example research, he has used group, organization and industry levels of analysis whereby he has focused on groups of people in poor regions and isolated areas, organizations and companies, and industries such as farming, fishing and banking. The author states that mobile communication is the technology that has the greatest effect on the development of society and can be a major step towards industrialization in developing countries. He points out various implications of mobiles in the developing countries: The applications within mobile banking overcome the challenges posed by large geographic distances and infrastructure deficiencies for local business people and enhance safe transfer of funds. This reduces the risks involved in handling large sums of cash. Applications in the areas of education and information are also beneficial in third world countries. Mobiles also improve relations where family members and friends in the city and rural areas communicate and exchange information thereby overcoming the â€Å"major social problem†. He also notes that mobile phones create improved conditions for companies, which in turn creates better economic and social conditions thus raising living standards. One limitation that the author identifies is that the services and applications offered in third world countries are low-tech as this is what all parties ranging from operators to individuals in rural areas would afford. The author identifies a number of recommendations in the paper. He notes that mobile applications could be invaluable in helping health professionals and care providers get vital information, for instance, on HIV/AIDS and malaria to people living in isolated areas while access to obituary information via a mobile phone could make life easier. He also points out that provision of mobile phones to people in poor regions could significantly hasten development and that offering voice and sms services is the best way to raise living standards in Tanzania, an

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