Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Marketing Management and Strategy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Management and Strategy - Case Study Example The five factors include: The Fulham Football Club has been a well known club since the last decade or so. The club came in the limelight when it was bought by an Egyptian businessman Mohammad Al-Fayed in 1997. The millionaire owner of the club gave Fulham FC a new identity in the world of football, following its acquisition the club went on to secure a place in the Premier League Division 1 ( The club has been facing intense rivalry and competition since its promotion into the Division1 of the Premier League. Fulham FC’s microenvironment can be analyzed with the use of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. The threat of having potential entrants in the football industry for Fulham FC seems to be minimal. The initial investment to launch a football club acts as a possible barrier for new entrant to enter into the football industry. The initial costs of launching a football club are very high and there is a very low chance that a football club may emerge and directly affect the business of Fulham FC. The other barrier of entry is the Premiership structure the division style. No new club can enter directly into the division 1 of the English Premier League. A new club entering into the football industry would have to start from scratch i.e. by playing well and getting promoted through the different divisions till its reaches the Division 1 of the Premier League to challenge the business of Fulham FC. The only threat of new entrant can be from low division clubs such as Brentford FC, QPR, etc. If any of these teams gets promoted into Division 1 of the Premier League, they can affect the bu siness of Fulham FC because of the intense rivalry between the clubs. This intense rivalry can lead to a shift of supporters from Fulham FC to any of the other newly promoted clubs if they were to play better football than Fulham FC. The customers of Fulham FC are

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