Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Final Term Paper GVPT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Final Term Paper GVPT - Essay Example Secondly, researchers indicate that the vice includes activities concerned with cyber war, which is centered on the deliberate destruction of information in computers with the aim of causing a situation of instability within the global social media community (Burke & Cooper, 2008). Further, cyber war is an inclusion to cyber terrorism since it involves the activities of terrorism organizations prying rival governments’ information and destroying it to bar them from achieving profound goals in anti-terrorism activities. The following discussion establishes narrow and broad descriptions of cyber terrorism. Further, the discussion establishes profound researches and analyses to intensify and reveal cyber terrorism activities with the assertion of a relevant matrix. Scholars concerned with the emergence of cyber terrorism in the global society assert that the vice is relative to actual terrorism since it includes the destruction of properties and information. Basically, researchers indicate that this type of attack threatens properties as well as people‘s lives citing on the fact that computers are used as lifesavers in hospitals’ intensive care units (Weil, 2013). Acknowledgements to the fact indicate that whenever terrorists tamper with computers in intensive care units, there are high chances of loss of lives since health practitioners will be unable to monitor their patients profusely. Similarly, arguments assert that cyber terrorism is a detrimental factor to societal wellbeing since its practices introduce unnecessary harm to the media, thus hindering the effective flow of information. It is knowledgeable that the vice can influence infrastructures negatively to the extent that they will fail to deliver the required services to the human society (Harress, 2014). At such a point, cyber terrorism will be exposing the society to unnecessary dangers bearing in mind that the criminals target those services whose course and nature is

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