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Understanding Art, Media and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Understanding Art, Media and Design - Essay Example Understanding Art, Media and Design Immediately after coming back from Japan in 1954, the designer of rocking stool decided to construct the object (Falk, 2009). To enable the making of this object, Isamu Noguchi, the designer of the object personally took the Rocking Stool design to Hans Knoll. Knoll was to be the producer of that furniture. In terms of the object designing, the rocking stool stirs up the dumbbell outline of those stools that can be found in African countries. Despite the fact that Isamu Noguchi had a desire of using material that could be considered new at that time, he had proposed the use of polyurethane to produce that object of furniture. However, he at long last picked on a combination of a material that was highly luxurious. The rocking stool had a somewhat curved seat. In addition its sections of the base were turned in walnut and teak before being waxed. The joints of the stool were made from chromed rods of steel wire that diagonally slanted to create a round, central foot. That round shape was intended to acknowledge its object designer and wire artist, Harry Bertoia (Lavine, 2007). Given that rocking stool was designed generally for children, it has an extraordinary sitting sentiment. That sitting feeling was actually designed to be experienced by its intended users. Since the Rocking Stools combined ergonomic and playful aspects, they were fun for anyone to be seated on. The arc like bases of rocking stools make the stools to gently rock in each and every directions being protected by a plastic support and an edge that is contoured. The Rocking Stools were later shaped into a miniature table that could be advertised as a travel companion to a wired chair meant for children, made by Harry Bertoia. Based on his personal initiative, Hans Knoll allowed the diminutive table to be enlarged and extended to full size in the year 1957. The evolved large size rocking stool was sometime referred to as cyclone table. It was regarded as one of the elegantly designed dining table in the twentieth century (Dudley, 2005). This object that was stained maple wood, chromed steel rod and toned in Walnut finish is not being produced at the moment thus only limited quantity is available in stock. Rocking stools can be availed in both low and high versions. Whereas the high version measures about 42.5 cm, the low version measures up to 25 cm high. Both low as well as high versions of seats have a diameter of 36 cm. Rocking stools and chairs were designed to be used during time of relaxation. Just like porches, they are meant to be used during a scorching summer evening when one is drinking an iced tea and thinking deeply or having a pleasant conversation. No one can deny that the best way to lazily enjoy an afternoon summer is by rocking away boredom of a rough day while sitting on a rocking stool in a shade. There is even an option of mixing ones modern frantic lifestyle with the ancient way of having a break. Outdoor rocking stools are a grand way to loosen up and take pleasure in the outdoor activities. The majority of wooden rocking stools are shipped when they are unfinished. This means that if need arises, one can finish them up by using a special furniture paint, oil or other colorings. Prior to finishing up, several factors have to be taken into consideration ahead of finalizing on new outdoor rocking stools. Weather should be considered first. Whether it is cold or hot, the place to store the rocking stools matters. While a number of people have a preference to leave their outdoor rocking

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