Friday, November 1, 2019

Human Resources Staffing Plan with Three Year Forecast by Quarter Essay

Human Resources Staffing Plan with Three Year Forecast by Quarter - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that the management has discovered that restaurant profits are growing at a very low rate of about three percent annually and the trend is worrying. The first section of the plan shall deal with the essential matter of task identification. An effective human resources management team will be judged based on its competencies. The appropriate behaviors that employees ought to have to work are competencies. A competent framework entails a structure that defines and lays down the employee competency. The human resources must operate within a specified framework in order to view employees and restaurant s as being synonymous. The human resource team must develop a better working environment and terms for the employees to be effective at work. The aim of the company as Miss Cutter put it is business. However, people conduct the business. In other words, human resources must have what will make the employees do their work effectively. This begins wi th appreciating that employees are human and not just tools. The team should then proceed to put the right structures. Following these basics will determine the competence of the human resource framework. Most companies reduce the human resources department to handling payments and being involved in the recruitment exercise while at the same time handling salary omission complains that arise from the staff. The reason is that the human resource has limited its scope of operations by neglecting other roles. The most significant remains ensuring employees is in a perfect psychological state to increase efficiency at work. The human resources ought to carry out an evaluation of the staff based on their efficiency. By doing this, the human resources department will assume a new but rightful passion within restaurants.

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