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Learning Outcome Results: By the end of the semester, students will be able to: *Understand responsibility for creating a successful college experience. *Connect with resources that support their academic, career and personal goals. *Demonstrate familiarity with college organizations, regulations, rules, and support services. *Develop a personal academic plan. *Set, pursue, and achieve academic and personal goals. *Manage time more efficiently to reduce stress. *Become more culturally competent *Learn communication and conflict resolution strategies. *Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.Read a textbook with improved understanding and retention. *Listen with comprehension, to a lecture. *Take effective notes. *prepare for and take tests. *Assess and improve general wellness habits. *Explore career possibilities and aptitudes. Instructional Methodology: Because of the interactive nature of this course, a variety of instructional methodology will be used including but not limited to: lectures, group discussions, group activities, guest speakers, exploration activities, and the use of computer and web functions: Students will have an opportunity to tap into their creativity to further enrich learning. We will write a custom essay sample on Syllabus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Cell Phones: Cell Phones and testing are not allowed in class which means I do not want to see your cell phones during class time. Make your family and friends aware of your class time. You are not to be going in and out of class to talk on your cell phone. If so, I am going to ask you to leave class and mark you absent. Special note: Your syllabus is a legal binding contract between you and your instructor and may be subject to change. College Policy: Code of Conduct: All students should review and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct manual that is found at: http://www. Award. Du/ PDF Rules and regulations are located in the handbook. You are in college. You will be treated and respected as an adult. Discipline problems are not tolerated. ANY discipline problem will be dealt with swiftly and permanently. First a conference will be held with the professor. Second, if behavior continues you will be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs. Third, if behavior in class is at the point Of no control, security will be called to remove you from the class.Attendance/Tardy: Realizing that student success in college is largely dependent on attending lass, it is imperative that you make an effort to attend every class. On certain occasions, circumstances may arise such as sickness, family issues, childcare and unavoidable transportation problems. In such cases it is your responsibility to contact the instructor. Students will be required to meet with your instructor outside of class time and make-up work missed due to absence.Class begins promptly at the time specified on your schedule. Students who fail to attend class the first two weeks after add/drop will be reported and withdrawn (WIN). Students who subsequently stop attending would be withdrawn with a (W) with the last date of attendance clearly referenced. Those who disappeared prior to the 60% mark, having received financial aid, will incur liability. Students who quit after the 60% mark must receive a grade of WE. Please remember F grade must be earned. Do not award As to students for failure to attend class. Government audits require that F grades be substantiated with faculty records that prove poor student performance. Attendance Policy/Students Responsibility Relative to Nan-penalized Absences: Non-Class Days. Owing to unanticipated circumstances that are ended anyones control or when concerns are raised about the safety and/or security of the students, faculty, staff, and/or facilities, the President of his/ her designed has the authority to close a campus or the College.For purposes of grading and attendance policies, the day(s) during which the campus/ College is closed shall be considered a non-class day(s). When this occurs, each Faculty member shall determine how best to make-up the lost time. Non-penalized Absences. There shall be no penalty for a student who is absent from academic activities because of religious holy day observances in is/her own faith, the students serious illness, death in the immediate family, or attendance to statutory governmental responsibilities.Student Responsibilities Relative to Non-penalized Absences. A student shall notify instructors in advance of absence(s) to observe a religious holy day(s) in his/her own faith, and shall likewise notify instructors in advance of other absences when practicable under the circumstances. Death in the immediate family/ shall be interpreted to mean mother, father, spouse, child, brother, sister, grandparents or grandchildren. Statutory governmental susceptibilities refer to such matters as jury duty, subpoena for court appearance, or unplanned military obligation.I a non-penalized absence occurs on the first day of class, the student shall notify the instructor Of the reason for his/her absence at the next class meeting. Documentat ion for non- penalized absences shall be presented by the student should the faculty member request it. The student shall be responsible for the material covered in his/her absence and shall be granted a reasonable amount of time to make up any work or test missed for non-penalized absences. Withdrawals: This course is required and withdrawal from this class can affect your entire semester schedule.According to the college withdrawal procedure if you stop attending class prior to withdrawal date, you will be administratively withdrawn from a class and receive a W, or, if it is your third attempt, an F. If you stop attending class after the withdrawal date, you will receive a WFM that will then be computed as an F in your Grade Point Average. TO avoid this situation, you should remain an active learner in this class and always communicate extenuating circumstances to me. Ongoing communication tit the instructor is critical to your course success.The last day to drop a course is October 31 the 2012. With my permission, you can change from credit to audit through October 31 the 2012. To receive the audit designation (EX.) on your transcript, you MUST attend class regularly. I will not assign either W or XX grades once both deadlines have passed. If you stop attending class and participating in class discussions, submitting assignments or fail to take quizzes or test prior to the withdrawal date, you will be administratively withdrawn from class and receive a W or an F if it is our third attempt. You withdraw through the Registrars Office (online) on or before that date, you will receive a grad of W. If you simply stop attending class and do not withdraw yourself through the proper channels, you will receive an Academic Honesty Policy/BC College Catalog: Broad College expects its students to be honest in all Of their course work and activities. Breaches of academic honesty include cheating plagiarism and misrepresentation, bribery, and the unauthorized possession of examination papers or other class materials that have not been formally released by instructor.A students academic work must be the result of his or her own thought, research or self-expression. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: copying the work of another person (Plagiarism) or permitting your work to be copied by another person, discussing test answers or questions with people who have not completed the test, distributing assignment materials to other students, poses same course materials that have not been formally released to students in the course, and collaborating on the completion of assignments not specifically designated in the syllabus as being group projects.Examples: 1 ) If it appears that two or more students have submitted the same material for any solo assignments, each student involved will receive zero points for that assignment. 2) If it appears that a student has copied an assignment from published materials (including Internet sites), the student will receive zero points for that assignment Breaches of Broad Colleges policy on academic honesty may result in academic penalties and/or disciplinary action.At the discretion of the instructor, academic penalties may include, but are not limited to, a failing grade for the course. In addition, the instructor or another BC employee may refer a student to the Dean of Student Affairs for disciplinary action in accordance with BC Student Handbook. Such discipline may include suspension or expulsion from the college.Special Needs: Students having special needs as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (DAD) should: Inform the instructor and contact the office of Disability Services (Office of Disability Services) at 954-201-7492 so that reasonable and appropriate accommodations can be implemented. Us port Services: Broad College has a considerable variety of support services available to dents such as computers for student use and support labs for college prep classes. Evaluation and Grading Scale: You must meet all course requirements in order to pass this course. Syllabus free essay sample Well cover the major genres used in business writing and survey the methods and distinctive theatres of effective professional communication. My goal is for you to leave this course ready to write persuasive memos, reports, and letters in the workplace and effective essays, case studies, and correspondence within the BAS program of study. My office hours can be found on my faculty weapon at http://tiny. Com/frowzy. Encourage you to contact me if you plan to come by, as Im often in meetings on campus.I am happy to meet with you on campus, via telephone, or via Keep. Please email or call if youd like to make those arrangements. I will do my best to return phone calls within 24 hours. Course Description This course emphasizes the basics of business writing while reviewing the various kinds of written business correspondence. Students are expected to integrate business decision-making and analytical thinking skills into the content. We will write a custom essay sample on Syllabus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Students must be able to determine solutions to problem-based exercises.PR: ONCE 1101 or equivalent; junior level status or permission of the chair is required. (This course number was formerly GAB 3212). 4, SSP US. Learning Outcomes and Methodology By the end of this course, you will be able to: Recognize and illustrate how business writing affects business outcomes. Draft workplace-appropriate documents in accordance with the Plain Language Movement Master the basic features of business writing genres including letters, reports, proposals, and memoranda Prepare and deliver effective media and technology based presentations. Write collaboratively in a team Select and/or create reader-centered information graphics and visually appealing page designs Demonstrate the strengths and weakness of communicating using different mediums (electronic, telephone, fax, letter) Integrate concepts from other BAS courses will guide you in an active learning environment and you are expected to allow this guidance to influence other classmates in a positive manner. You will utilize all six of the following levels of learning: 1. Knowledge recall and memorization 2. Comprehension -? the ability to paraphrase and interpret information in your own words 3.Application use knowledge in a new situation 4. Analysis break down knowledge into parts and show interrelationships 5. Synthesis bring together parts of knowledge to form a whole 6. Evaluation make judgments based on given criteria These six methods allow us to integrate real-world applications, life experience, and instructional materials into the course. Texts and Materials Required: Boer, S. (2005). Contemporary Business Communication (6th De. ). Houghton Muffling. ISBN 0-618-47252-5. You can lease this text for $25 through membership in the BAS club.Club membership requires a one-time $20 donation, after which you can lease all the books in the BAS program. Call Cindy at 386-506-3086 for details. Additional required readings may be provided via PDF online. Recommended: Writers Workbench Version 8. 3. All students in the BAS program are encouraged to purchase and utilize the Writers Workbench software to improve writing skills throughout the curriculum. Faculty expect you to use this software to improve your grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. You can purchase the software by viewing www. Worcestershire. Mom. The cost is approximately $119. You can use this software for free at our BAS computer lab, in the libraries on most campuses, and in the Academic Support Centers. Course Policies 1 . Disclaimer: Teaching policies and regulations for this course are not open for discussion or negotiation. This syllabus has been constructed to be as complete as possible but is by no means a binding document. Reserve the eight to alter policies, procedures, and the syllabus as needed. Please utilize the course website regularly as any changes to the syllabus will be posted there. . Assignment Submissions: This course is organized by weeks. Assignments for each week are generally due on Sunday nights at 1 1 :pm (dates are on the course schedule). Assignments must be submitted to the dropped. Only submit ONE document per week (that means do all of your assignments and activities in ONE document). Just put a few spaces and a heading before each section. Label that document like this: Electromagnetisms#. So if my name is Meghan Griffin and its Week 6, my document should be saved as GriffinMeghanWeek6.Submit documents as Word attachments. If you dont have Microsoft Word, save your documents in Rich Text Format (. RTF). Five points will be deducted from each assignment that is submitted without following these guidelines. 3. Communication: I expect you to keep up with course email regularly. Will send announcements and information using this feature. You can expect me to respond to emails and voice mails within 3 business days. You can expect me to grade your assignments within 2 weeks after they are submitted. You must login to Florida Online every 48 hours. Be sure to post in the discussion boards as required on the course schedule. 4. Attendance and Lateness Policy: Due to the accelerated nature of our program, attendance is an absolute requirement. I expect you to be present for every class period. Assignments and activities missed during an absence cannot be made up. Your grade will be impacted by missing class. For online courses, this means that you need to participate every week and complete each weeks assignments as they are scheduled. 5.Late Work/Make-up Work and Exams: If you miss an assignment deadline, I will accept it up to one week late for no more than half credit (that means a 20-point assignment that is late-?even by one minute-?and perfect can only receive 10 points). I do not offer make up work or make up exams except in the case of documented medical emergencies. As in the workplace, timeliness is an essential indicator of performance. Plan ahead, manage your schedule wisely, and submit early to avoid last-minute technology glitches. Timeliness is essential in professional communication. 6.Academic Integrity Policy (see student handbook pages 7-13 http:// www. Demonstrate. Du/regret/files/student_handbook. PDF) a. Daytona State College is committed to providing you with quality instruction, guidance, and opportunities for academic and career success by fostering academic excellence in a supportive and personalized learning environment. Maintaining high standards of academic honesty and integrity in higher education is a shared responsibility and an excellent foundation for assisting you in making honorable and ethical contributions to the profession for which you are preparing. In order to preserve academic excellence and integrity, the College expects you to know, understand, and comply with the Academic Integrity Policy, which prohibits academic dishonesty in any form, including, but not limited to, cheating and plagiarism. Grades conferred by instructors are intended to be, and must be, accurate and true reflections of the coursework actually produced and submitted by you. B. All cases of suspected violations of the Student Code of Conduct, including academic dishonesty, are reported to the Judicial Affairs Office for resolution. C.Forms of Academic Dishonesty Cheating- Cheating can be defined as: receiving or giving unauthorized assistance on a quiz, test, exam, paper, or project or unauthorized use of trials to complete such; collaborating with another person(s) without authorization on a quiz, test, exam, paper, or project; taking a quiz, test, or exam for someone else or allowing someone else to do the same for you. Plagiarism -Plagiarism can be defi ned as: submitting work in which words, facts, or ideas from another source are used without acknowledging that the material is borrowed whether from a published or unpublished source. For specific information on how to document information from other sources, students should check with their instructors, academic departments, or a agonized writing manual, such as the MEAL or PAP Fabrication -Fabrication can be defined as: listing sources in a bibliography that one did not actually use in a written assignment; presenting false, invented, or fictitious data/ evidence in a written assignment. D.Other Academic Misconduct: Other Academic Misconduct might include, but is not limited to: In a testing situation, conduct, such as, looking at a classmates test, talking to a classmate, or leaving the classroom without the instructors or proctors permission. Obtaining by the theft/purchase OR selling/ giving part or all off est.. Entering an office or building for the purpose of changing a grade on a test, assignment, or in a grade book or for the purpose of obtaining a test. Altering or attempting to alter academic records of the College which relate to grades; being an acce ssory to same. . College Network Acceptable Use Policy: The purpose of this policy is to outline the acceptable use of the network and resources provided by Daytona State College and to establish a culture Of openness, trust, and integrity. Please make yourself very aware Of this policy by clicking these two links: http://www. Demonstrate. Du/regret/ files/student_handbook. PDF (College Network, pages 4-5). Http:// online. Demonstrate. Due/docs/acceptable_use. PDF (Florida Online) f. Financial Aid: please refer to your Falcon Mail account for up-to-date information regarding your financial aid.Check your account periodically. Direct financial aid questions to Mitch Pietas at 386-506-3515. Academic Support Center: The Academic Support Center promotes learning and helping students to achieve their potential by providing the resources needed to become successful and independent learners. Tutoring sections as a group or one-on-one, placement instruction, weekly learning sessions, and instructor assistance are available at the Centers. Centers are available on each campus. For locations and times, please go to http://. W. W. Demonstrate. Due/ass/ for more information. College Writing Center: The College Writing Center assists students, staff, and faculty to become better writers through face-to-face or virtual consultations (up to 45 minutes) and workshops. As the hub of writing at Daytona State, staff work with all writers at any stage of the writing process-?so whether youre brainstorming ideas for a psychology paper you event started yet, or youve revised a letter several times and you want a fresh perspective, you can bring it into the CSCW. We recommend scheduling an appointment because we tend to book up quickly; call (386. 506. 297) or visit our website (WV/. Demonstrate. Due/CSCW) for more information. Library Services: The library hosts books, e-books, videos, helpful handouts, library tutorials, advise for students, Ask A Librarian, and general internet resources that includes How to Write a Fascinating Thesis Statement, Ten Steps Towards Better Research, How Not to Plagiarism, etc. For more information go to http:// www. Demonstrate. Due/library/. Basis for Final Grade Overall grades will be determined using the schema below: Grading Scale (%) 90-100 87-89. 9 80-86. 9 77-79. 9 c. 70-76. 9 67-69. 9 60-66. D 0-59 Scores will not be rounded. Students must earn a grade of C or better in all BAS courses to meet program completion requirements. The final grade for Business English is a combination of reading responses, writing assignments, a final portfolio, a presentation, and participation. Each course component is weighted as follows: Assessment Percent of Final Grade Basic Business Correspondence (Team) Resume and Cover Letter Reflection Memo / Final Exam 20% Quizzes and Discussions Writing for the Web Project 25% 100% Grading Standards and communication An A text is exceptional.This is the kind of document that might lead to a promotion in the workplace. It is professional and reflects the writers careful consideration of audience and purpose. It contains all necessary information, is written in an appropriate and engaging style, is arranged in a logical manner, is memorable, and its delivery is visually appealing. It is free of mechanical errors. A text in the B range is strong. It would be considered acceptable in the workplace. It too is professional and reflects consideration Of the rhetorical situation.It is above average in terms style, arrangement, and delivery, but falls short of excellence in one or more category. It is free of mechanical errors. A text in the C range is competent. It would probably be returned for revision in the workplace. It is generally average in terms of the major criteria listed above. It has few mechanical errors. Low C or D work is weak. It would probably get the writer into a bad situation in the workplace. It falls below average in terms of one or more of the major criteria. F work fails in terms of one or more of these criteria.One or more of these texts would probably get a writer fired in the workplace. Grade Communication: Most major assignments will be submitted using the dropped function. Likewise, grades will be posted electronically via the graduated as soon as assignments are scored. It is your responsibility to keep track of your grades. Please let me know if you see a discrepancy. Schedule The following schedule is subject to revision: Week Date Reading Schedule and Assignments week 1 8/26 Chi 1-2 Assignments due Sunday 9/1 at 11:59 pm 1. Read chapters 1 and 2 2.Discussion post 1: introduce yourself in the Student Introductions board. This counts as your attendance this week. Tell us who you are, what you do for a living and/or for fun, and what you hope to accomplish in this course or in the BAS program. 3. Discussion 2: Five Communication Components. Look at Exercise 2 page 30 (Chi 1). Watch a TV show, play, or a movie and explain how the five components of communication were illustrated by the show/ movie you watched. You can use bullets points, but write your answer in complete sentences. Post your analysis in the discussion board. 4. Quiz on the syllabus. Look under the Quizzes tab and take the syllabus quiz. You MUST read the whole syllabus before taking the quiz. 15 questions, 30 minutes allowed, 2 attempts (highest grade will be taken). 5. There is a fundamental difference between the type of writing you have done in the past (essays, creative pieces) and professional writing. Business writing must be clear, correct, and brief. That means using simple, plain language. Spend about 45 minutes reviewing http://w. www. Phenylalanine. Gob/whitetails/ index. CFML. Review the samples from the No Gobbledygook Awards here: http://www. Languages. Gob/examples/award_winning/ gobbledygook. CFML. / Week 2 9/2 Chi 3-4 Assignments due Sunday 9/8 at 1 1:59 pm 1. Read Chapters 3 4 2. Grammar Quiz. (a) Review the Punctuation Review Worksheet punctuation Powering and Grammar Guides available under the content tab. (b) Look under the Quizzes tab and take the Grammar Quiz. 20 questions, 60 minutes allowed, 2 attempts (highest grade will be taken). 3. Basic Business Correspondence Assignment Teams Assigned-?begin developing a plan with your team within the discussion area.Review the Basic Business Correspondence assignment in the Content area of the course and begin immunization with your team in the discussion area about your plans for the assignment. 4. For those of you who need more practice with correct grammar, I suggest that you complete some of the quizzes below as you work through the course content. I suggest taking at least the following quiz Vs. 3, 76, 77, 80-89. You can access them at http://grammar. ICC. Comment. Due/ grammar/quiz_list. HTML Week 3 Chi 5-6 Assignments due Sunday 9/1 5 at 1 1 pm 1. Read chapters 5 and 6 2.Keep working on Basic Business Correspondence Assignment in your team 3. Word Usage/Business Correspondence Quiz. (a) after reading Chapters 5 ND 6 in our textbook, look at pages 603-608 (located in the back of the book under the Reference Manual Section A) to learn about the common errors in word usage. (b) Then, look at pages 611-619 describing the common features of business correspondence {such as e-mail, memos, and letters. Your quiz will come from the pas 603-608 and 611-619. (c) Look under the Quizzes tab and take the Word Usage/Business Correspondence Quiz. 0 questions, 60 minutes allowed, 2 attempts (highest grade will be taken). Week 4 9/16 Assignments due Sunday 09/22 at 1 1 pm 1 . Practice again the Punctuation Reminder Worksheet available under the News section of the course home page and review the answers to the worksheet before submitting the group business correspondence assignment. You do not have submit this worksheet for a grade, but you are responsible for knowing its content. Use it to refresh your memory about these aspects of grammar and usage. 2. Basic Business Correspondence Due to the Team Dropped Week 5 9/23 Chi 15, 11, 12 Assignments due Sunday 9/29 at 1 1 159 pm 1. Read chapters 15, 11, 12. Read Writing for the Web Assignment Sheet 2. A) Search online to find three Web sites that provide information to help build assumes and cover letters; (b) post the three Web site addresses to the discussion board (list all three sites in ONE posting per student) and a brief description of what that resume Web site contains so that other classmates can see what example sites youve found; (c) print and keep for your review at least one example resume and one cover letter for reference when you begin drafting your own. 3.Draft a Cover Letter describing why the employer should grant you an interview. This should be in response to an actual job posting or an actual job that you would like to obtain. If absolutely necessary, you can make up a job post. . Draft a Resume to accompany your cover letter. This is your chance to list your achievements and skills. Remember that resumes needs to be visually appealing, concise, and CORRECT. 5. Suggest posting drafts of your resume and cover letter to your team discussion areas for feedback before submitting them to me for a grade.Reviewing one anothers work will help you all to improve your professional documents. Keep in mind that providing feedback to your peers is part of your participation grade. For planning purposes, try to do this by Wednesday in order to get feedback and revise before final submission on Friday. Your final resume and cover letter must be submitted to me in the dropped by Friday at 1 1 :pm. 6. Read the Writing for the Web Assignment Sheet and begin performing your research.Visit the discussion boards to discuss progress with your classmates (this is not graded). Week 6 9/30 Chi 13,14 Assignments due Sunday 10/6 at 1 1 pm 1. Read chapters 13, 14, the Blobbing Facets handout, and the Writing for the Web PDF chapter 2. Complete your Writing for the Web project and submit to dropped 10/7 Assignments due WEDNESDAY 10/9 at 1 1:59 pm 1. Reflection Memo: Rather than taking a final exam, you will draft a memo of affliction detailing what youve learned in the course and how you will use it in the workplace.This 400-500 word memo should include some reflection on your experience this semester, some insights about what youve learned about professional writing, and explain how you will implement what youve learned in the BAS program and in your workplace. This is your opportunity to show me some evidence of your learning throughout the term. I am grading based on (1) professional writing style (including correct grammar and usage), and (2) evidence that you have synthesized material covered in the course. This is an individual assignment and you may not work together. Withdrawal Process: Although it is not necessary to have approval from the instructor to withdraw from the course, you should discuss the situation with the instructor. Many times the issue can be resolved with communication. You should also check with the Financial Aid office to determine how this withdrawal might affect your funding. If the decision has been made to withdraw, you should 1. Go to Falconer and login 2. Go to the Registration and Records Menu 3. Go to Class Registration and continue to the next page 4. Select the term you are registered for . Syllabus free essay sample If I do not receive it on time, you will not get credit for the assignment without time-stamped email proof that you sent it before it was due. Having trouble with your email, computer, or ISP is not an excuse for a late assignment. Attendance: Everyones presence is an intrinsic and vital feature Of the class. Even if you do not speak, your presence has an effect on what is said by others. Attendance can be the deciding factor for course grades on the borderline. Class Format: The class will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice. This format demands that students be well prepared for class.You do not have to understand all the readings before class, but you need to read all the readings before class and be prepared to ask questions about what you do not understand. Electronic Devices: No computers, cell phones, smart phones, Pads, pagers, or other electronic devices may be used in the classroom. We will write a custom essay sample on Syllabus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Please turn off all devices before class begins. Students with Disabilities: If you have a disability that may impair your ability to successfully complete his course, contact your instructor as soon as possible to arrange accommodations. GAL. has two programs that provide supports services to students with disabilities. Office of Disability Services http://view. Gus. Du/-?woods/ 404. 413-1 560 Accessibility At GIGS http://www. Gus. Du/-?m. N. Award/ 404. 464-9044 Students who wish to request accommodation for a disability may do so by registering with the Office of Disability Services (second floor in the Student Center; [emailprotected] Du). Students may be accommodated only upon issuance by the Office of Disability Services of a signed Accommodation plan ND are responsible for providing a copy of that plan to instructors of all classes in which accommodations are sought.ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Failure of the course is the default departmental penalty for plagiarism, cheating on a test, copying someone elses work, letting someone else copy your work, or any other form of academic dishonesty. For example, copying someone elses standardization of an argument is a case of plagiarism and will result in failure of the course. You are encouraged to study for tests with your classmates, but all work turned in for credit must be either your own work, or correctly cited. If you use even a small part of a classmates work or a line from an online source, you must use proper citation.If you dont, you have violated Geol.s academic honesty policy. Finally, note that on assignments in this class, no outside sources are permitted for in-class tests or SES. Moreover, you are liable for further administrative action, which might include expulsion with notation on your permanent record. See the GUS Policy on Academic Dishonesty attached to this syllabus, available in the University Student Handbook, and found online at http://WV. Gus. Du/ -?wigwam/overview/index. HTML In addition, be sure you give due consideration to what it means to be a good friend!Not infrequently, students draw the natural but erroneous conclusion that allowing or facilitating a friends cheating is somehow helping that friend. FAR FROM IT! Good friends, truly good friends, help us to avoid cheating and any other kind of dishonesty. HOW TO DO WELL IN THIS COURSE: Come to Class and Come on Time: Because of the way grades are computed, and the fact that so much of the course is discussion based, your grade will suffer if you are not present for discussions, and your grade will be favorably affected if you are present. Study Outside of Class: 1 .A normal expectation is that undergraduate students will spend a minimum of two hours studying outside of class for every hour spent in class. 2. Since this course meets for 2 hours of class time each week, you should plan on spending at least 4 hours outside of class each week studying the material. It is also likely that it will take more than that amount of time to complete the readings in a manner sufficient to understand the material. Remember in Summer session, every day is equivalent to one week in a Fall or Spring term! Read the Assignments Multiple Times: Philosophy is demanding reading. Peck you to do all the readings before class and after class. We will not read a great many pages, but some of the readings might be dense or difficult to follow. First, read the work through quickly to get the general idea and to circle any words you dont understand. Then look up all the words you dont know and read the work again slowly. Third, after we cover the reading in class, read it again, slowly. Read. Rinse. Repeat. Final Notes: The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary. Everything in this syllabus can change (and something always goes). Syllabus free essay sample Lon Kurashige and Alice Yang Murray, Major Problems in Asian American History (Houghton Mifflin Co. , 2003). ISBN 0618077340. 2. John Luther Long, Madame Butterfly (General Books, 2009). Available free online at http://xroads. virginia. edu/~hyper/long/contents. html 3. David Henry Hwang, M Butterfly (Dramatists Play Service, Inc. , 1998). 4. Lac Suh, I Love Yous Are for White People: A Memoir (P. S. ) (Harper Perennial, 2009). ISBN 978-0061543661. Grades – All grades are determined by your TA 20% Section participation 20% Paper 1 20% Paper 2 20% Midterm 20% Non-cumulative final exam What you should expect: Papers: You will be writing two papers. The first should include all relevant readings and lectures up to David Henry Hwang on the syllabus; the second should include all relevant materials up to and including Lac Suh. All papers should have a unique central argument and be between 4-6 pages in length. Please include an original title that reflects your argument, use 12 pt Times New Roman or Times only, and print double-spaced, double-sided. We will write a custom essay sample on Syllabus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page All papers must be submitted in hard copy AND to turnitin. com. Students taking this course agree to this requirement. Your essay will be marked 1/3 step down for every day it is late. (Saturday + Sunday = 2 days. After class on the day due = 1 day. A 1/3 step is from an A to an A-, A- to B+, etc. ) Any requests for extensions will be decided by the TA except in extenuating circumstances. Essay 1: Which orientalist views does David Henry Hwang attack, and how effectively does he do it, in your opinion? Reference all relevant readings up to week 5 for this essay. Essay 2: What makes the concept of a â€Å"model minority† problematic and/or compelling in the twentieth century? Reference all relevant readings from weeks 5-10 for this essay. OPTION: You are welcome to turn in a traditional essay for this assignment. If you earned at least a B on your first essay, you may choose to make a short video between 5-7 minutes in length answering this same question and including at least 3 substantive, specific references to historical content from your readings. You may work with a partner if you choose to make a video. Both members of the group must have earned at least a B on the first essay. Prof. Kwak reserves the right to show your video in class if you choose this option. What is the purpose of these essays? What I am really looking for in these papers is first and foremost, your ability to articulate an original argument. Think carefully about what YOU want to say; do not just regurgitate. The second critical component of the essays is to demonstrate your understanding of the readings and to show me you know how to use quotes. Quotes should never be just put into your writing without explanation or discussion; each quote requires scrutiny, analysis. How will the optional video project be graded? The video project will be graded based upon three key criteria. First, does it clearly answer the central question? Second, are the three historical references used effectively and substantively? Third, how polished is the final product? Does it show careful thought, effort, and organization? Midterm and Final Exams: Midterm review sheets will be distributed exactly one week prior to the exam. Final exam review sheets will be distributed on the last day of lecture. You will not be tested on anything that is not on the review sheet. Exams will consist of short answers and fill-in questions. You should bring a blue book to both exams. Policy on lecture notes: I will not post or give out my lecture notes. Please do not ask for them. Powerpoint presentations will always be posted 24 hours AFTER the lecture. Academic honesty: Academic honesty is expected at all times. Any instance of plagiarism will be dealt with according to university and departmental policies. Schedule: FIRST HALF Week 1 Th 9/27 Course intro: What is Asian America? Week 2 Tu 10/2 Coolies, miners, and railroad workers Th 10/4 Nineteenth-century American orientalism Read for section: Major Problems, ch. 1. John Luther Long, Madame Butterfly Week 3 Tu 10/9 Labor and anti-Asian movements Th 10/11 Legal rights Read for section:

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