Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Beginning of a New Life

In the fall of 2011, I travel to Buffalo, smart York and took two age to get here. I do non regret anything. I arrived knowing nothing and speaking English was not the same as when I was twelve when I was studying in Tampa, FL. Some people may think its funny that I came here not knowing the woman I was to live with. My fall in was happy that scared at the same time that I was going to a urban center that I did not know and virtually alone, without close relatives or even friends. But one that does not adventure does not succeed.Many are wondering fairish what brought me to Buffalo, NY. I left hand a betoken with plenty of sunshine, glorious beaches and lots of fun to a place that winter is. I met my wife on a social networking site. It was crazy, but I prepared my destination. In my country, I was unemployed and the place where I worked gave up my services and I could not find work. I started receiving un conflict benefits. I liked being at home all day. When I met my wife on the social network, we began to write and then we exchanged the cry numbers.After two months I moved to Buffalo to start a fresh animateness. She already had a child and I had no children at the moment. I talked to my mother about it and told me that if I felt happy doing that she back up me. In the following days I looked for information of Buffalo and grease ones palms a ticket, pack and what needed for the trip. But first I resolute to visit my dad in Florida because he had not seen in a long time. So my trip began on October 29, 2011 to Lake City, FL. Lake City is a beautiful place with friendly people and almost everyone knows each other, because it is a smallish townspeople and at that place are hardly a(prenominal) places that have entertainment. When I was there first time in the year 2002, there was almost nothing, just some parks, five disco bars, and where all young people deal a lot after going to the movies or the clubs Wal-Mart. On arrival, I was surp rised it did not seem much a small town because it had evolved. To my surprise, there were some(prenominal) shopping centers, had many more stores than eleven years ago.The small town was not small, was now a bigger city and productive, with more opportunities to grow personally and economically professionals. But despite the young city that I came by surprise, people still the same, kind, respectful and freehearted as ever. I spent three weeks with my father who taught me new things that had built. I left fascinated and I said to myself I want to return with my new family but to stay and make a new life here with them, they go away achieve it one day. I felt motivate to move forward in my life and have a major(ip) future for me and my family.I wanted to go to that city, but had a new beginning, a new life, a new future ahead you had to structure. I begin my journey to a strange city. I didnt semen by plane I wanted to travel by bus, so begins the journey to Buffalo, New York. In the driving time I do several stops, but I had my mind occupied with things like the city, everything will be fine, get quick work, I will be happy, and I was increasingly reflective. The trip was about eighteen hours and I could not sleep.When I reached this city, my new love and my stepson received me happily and lovingly, and I was very happy, but at the same time I felt strange and disorientate and did not know anything about this city. It was night when I get to Buffalo, New York. I came to my new home, I took a bath and went to bed and said, tomorrow is my beginning of a new life. The next day when I woke up, I felt strange, but I could not get for later, this was my first, so I decided to do it. So I got dressed and started to explore the city. It was refrigerated in a few days would be Thanksgiving Day.I was committed to finding jobs, but it was hard, because my English is not the same as before, but I dont give up. After several attempts and several weeks ago I rece ived a call from an employment agency. I started at a famer market Jose Disaderio, but in few weeks they laid me off, and employment agencies know. But Im not discouraged at all. I spent Christmas and New Years with family. After several days my little girl gave me the news that I was father for the first time in my life. I was on clouds, like a dream that I wake.

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