Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Concepts of Race and Ethnicity Essay

Define the following terms. You may use definitions from the class readings, or from distant sources. If your definitions are from outside sources, cite the source(s) u chatter APA style with in-text citations and a part list. Term Definition Ethnicity a look atd cultural heritage, which typically involves putting green ancestors, language, and religion Race is a socially constructed category of people who share biologi- cally transmitted traits that members of a society define as important. Xenophobia .The fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners. Segregation the physical and social separation of categories of people. acculturation the process by which minorities gradually adopt cultural patterns from the dominant majority population. Pluralism a state in which people of all racial and heathenish categories have nigh the same overall social standing color privilege Colonialism Racial profiling in which police or others in power consider race or ethnicit y to be, by itself, a betoken of probable guilt illustrates the operation of institutional racism. Part II improvident AnswerUsing your course materials, answer the following questions in about 200 words each. Use your own words.Define de facto segregation and de jure segregation, and go out an example of each. Which are we most likely to see today? why?What conclusion do Crutchfeld, Fernandez, and Martinez (2010) come to regarding the presence of bias in the sinful justice system? How has bias in the system changed over metre? Give examples of how an individuals race or ethnicity might tinct their experience as a suspect, a perpetrator, and a victim of crime. chance on anti-Chinese immigration sentiment in the 19th century. Compare this to anti-immigration perspectives today. How are they similar? How are they different?Part III Personal Reflection sing as many words as you consider necessary.Consider the racial and ethnic groups that you belong to. Do you feel that you are knowledgable about the muniment of those groups? Now consider groups you do not belong to. Is there a group you would like to learn more about? Worksheet 2 foliate 1 ETH/125 Version 7 .Worksheet 2 PAGE 1 ETH/125 Version 7 .

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