Friday, February 7, 2020

Jean Paul Marat during the French Revolution Essay

Jean Paul Marat during the French Revolution - Essay Example They were staunch opponents of much moderate Girodins (also termed as "Brissotin" means loose partnership of republican politicians) who after losing power in 1793 were had to face the "reign of terror "instituted by Montagnards in form of 21 Girodins guillotined by ruling Montagnards and relief factor came to them in 1794 with the end of Montagnard regime. Jean Paul Marat is one out of various reasons which stirred the revolution including the ever-growing elite class, the heavy taxing and cruel feudal system, tyranny on the peasants and crop failure in France in 1788. But he owns central significance while being the leader of radical Montagnards alone. Marat had four occupations and he excelled in all. (1) Marat became a successful doctor in London after having obscure years in France. In 1770s he published many books on scientific and philosophical ideas and philosophies. "A philosophical essay on man (1773) "met huge success. While his political work included "a chain of slavery (1774)". On his return to France he was appointed as a physician to the personal guards of younger brother of the king. On witnessing the grave circumstances of his country he concluded the monarchy is the root of all evils in France and this thought, he later developed in to a movement leading to French revolution. He became editor of a newspaper L'Ami du Peuple (the friend of people) in 1789 and initiated his ruthless, relentless and sharp attacks on aristocracy, that included elite class , royal family and Politicians including king's finance minister . It was a voice of the suppressed class of France, the poor, and it gave them awareness as well as stabilized Marat's influential popularity. In 1790, he addressed his readers, "Five or six hundred heads cut off would have assured your repose, freedom, and happiness. A false humanity has held your arms and suspended your blows; because of this millions of your brothers will lose their lives" (2) The national assembly was shocked and scared now, it sentenced him a month in prison but Marat hided himself and carried on his campaign being behind the scene. Now, the inspirational leader and politician emerged in him. His role as political leader Marat as a delegate to national convention in 1790-91 supported graduated income tax, short term of military service, benefits and schemes for the poor etc publically but inwardly he hated to be a part of aristocracy, and solution to get rid of loathsome Aristocrats was a revolution and just a revolution not passing bills and resolutions. Firstly, he favored the execution of anti-revolutionaries. Secondly, since he was a revolutionary by mind, he supported extremism and radical group to get rid of Royal family and elite class, this movement was called Montagnard movement which in one year of their rule assassinated hundreds of thousands in reign of terror, later, "Girodins" were first target and were targeted severely. Thirdly, he advocated a temporary dictatorship which could deal with emergency in the country. One to one battle and Marat's climax In later two years he became very popular and enjoyed outrageous support by his fellow Persian Leader Georges Danton and Persian people not only in street

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